Is Dagestanization of Tatarstan for the better?

Is Dagestanization of Tatarstan for the better?
Flag and coat of arms of Tatarstan

A month passed since the terroristic acts on holidays in Kazan.  But up to now some odious journalists of black PR couldn’t calm dawn, comparing Tatarstan with Dagestan. The comparison consists in: “like in Dagestan, terroristic acts regularly happen in Tatarstan”. And there is nothing strange, that people far from real life, viewing the world and situation assessment on the base of partisan media, make such conclusion.

Let’s view the world from another point. Maybe it’s not so bad in sunny Dagestan and it is in advance in some things, not only in terroristic acts number and liquidated terrorists’ appearances.

There is no difficulty to finding out the lie of mass media about so-called amount of crimes in Dagestan. To do this one should visit official site of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and look the statistics. I made up my mind to present selected statistics of six regions for the period of January-October, 2012. For analyses I chose Moscow and the Moscow region, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, Stavropol kray and Dagestan. Data, represented in the table, got by dividing the amount of crimes by people’s number in regions and multiplying by 100.

Is Dagestanization of Tatarstan for the better?

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According to statistics, the leader by amount of crimes among the regions is not Dagestan, that takes the third place in this rating! It turned out, that, for example in Moscow the amount of grave crimes as murders, armed assaults and assaults happen three times more often than in Dagestan. Every time when mass media informs us about special-forces raids in Khasavyurt or Derbent, they don’t notice what happens right in front of them.

One can cry as much as he likes, that there are murders and robberies in Dagestan in broad day-light, but as Englishmen say - Facts are stubborn, owing to which we are convinced yet again in cunning and involvement of mass media.

Let’s turn to demographic situation in Republic of Dagestan. The rate of natural increase provides an exact glimpse of direction, where the region is going – to prosperity or to extinction as, according to sociologists, human potential and information are the most valuable things in 21th century.

Is Dagestanization of Tatarstan for the better?

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On government site of statistics by regions the most up-to-date data is of 2008 and 2009, but I don’t think that the situation is changed in a big way. We can see, that among others the Moscow region is degrading, even Tatarstan with the majority of Muslim population displays bad increase. However, Dagestan increases the number of its population every year.

Is Dagestanization of Tatarstan for the better?
Central Friday Mosque in Makhachkala 

Islamic infrastructure

Islamic infrastructure is highly developed in Dagestan. Except  numerous medrese, Muslim kindergartens and schools, according to official data of Ministry of national politics, religious affairs and  external relations of Dagestan, there are 16 Islamic higher education institutions, where for about 1570 students are learning. There are 2970 people studying in medrese. Besides, there are maktabs under 158 mosques, where for 3000 students are taking classes.

Nowadays there are 2489 Islamic unions are in operation in the republic, 2471 of which are Sunni (1281 Friday mosques, 817 common mosques, 273 houses of prayer, 2 cultural and outreach centers, 1 Union of Islamic youth, 14 higher education institutions,  81 medrese), 19 are Shiite (9 central mosques и 10 common mosques) and also Islamic organization – the Spiritual Directory of Muslims in Dagestan.

Islamic mass media of republic represented with several issues. The Spiritual Directory of Muslims in Dagestan has its own “Assalam” newspaper (printed in eight languages of Dagestan people). “Islamskiy vestnik” and “Nur- ul Islam” are similar by tcontent. Since 2002 in Makhachkala under the guidance of Spiritual Directory of Muslims “Islam” magazine is issued.

Spiritual Directory of Muslims of Dagestan hosts 15 minute programme “Mir vashemu domu” in Russian on “Dagestan” channel, “Chas razmishleniy” and “Domashniy” every other day on TNT- Makhachkala and “Put k istine” programme every Friday on “TV Center-Makhachkala”. The propaganda of Islam is performed by Spiritual Directory of Muslims of Dagestan and on republic radio in languages of Dagestan people. “Safinat” channel is also deals with Islamic topics.

Is Dagestanization of Tatarstan for the better?
Islamic University named after Saidbeg Ditov

It’s not a secret, that there is only one Islamic higher education institution in Tatarstan and one Muslim middle school. There is no one Muslim radio, same with television. Islamic mass media confines to newspapers, magazines and internet issues.  

I referred only to very few facts on the base of available sources. Unfortunately, I have never been to Dagestan, but according to described above, I, being a Muslim, have a question –  maybe Dagestanization of Tatarstan is for the better and we should strive for it? 

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