In Europe people continue to humiliate Muslims


Last week unknown vandals attacked mosques in Sweden and France, they painted the walls and doors of Muslim congregations offensive slogans. Numerous Muslim leaders of France expressed their anger about what happened.

According to the president of Paris mosque, Dalil Bubaker, quoted by UPI, Muslims deeply condemn "racist violence and hostility shown to the Cathedral Mosque of Paris - the most important Islamic institution in France". The president of the French National Observatory against Islamophobia Abdullah Zekri immediately supported Mr. Bubaker. A month before his own house also suffered attacks from vandals spray-painted his house Nazi slogans. Paris mayor Bertrand Delano fully supported the condemnation of the attacks of vandals. According to the mayor, offensive labels irresponsible and unacceptable. "On behalf of the people of Paris and in my own name, I want to assure the rector of the Mosque of Paris, as well as the Muslim community, of my support and my friendship" - said Mr. Delano.

The newspaper reminds that the attack on the mosque came on the same day when the shooting was arranged in the newspaper "Liberation". Police detained some Abdelkarim Dekhara, criminologists describe him as antisocial personality, prone to revolutionary ideas. It is possible that the attack on the editors could provoke an attack on the mosque. Crime, wearing a pronounced racist entail France punishment of imprisonment for up to one year and a fine of 45,000 euros.

A few days earlier Fitt mosque, located in a suburb of Stockholm, also has been subject attacked by unknown vandals. Arriving police found the door cracked and scattered on the floor in a great variety of sliced pork leg - a clear insult to Muslims. Russian-language edition of "Our House - Sweden" reports that law enforcement agencies have qualified offense under two articles of the Criminal Code: the act of vandalism and hate crime. Conducted search of intruders.

The newspaper reminds that the mosque Fitt had enemies before. Their favorite thing was jamming automotive siren call of the muezzin to prayer.

European Muslims categorically unwilling to take bright values of the EU, generally prefer to live in their own countries of the continent.

May Allah bless you.

Khadija Maksudi

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