Humans and nonhumans

Humans and nonhumans


November 17, as soon as it became aware of a plane crash at the Kazan airport in a number of TV channels ethereal grid changes have been made. In particular, the show game KVN was canceled, which was scheduled for Sunday evening. As the member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Sergei Zhelezniak noted, it is “absolutely right that those channels removed the entertainment, which they had in the broadcasting schedule, because of the tragedy that happened in Kazan. This is the most logical reaction”. However, some bloggers, in turn, responded to is not quite adequately. Posts of young bloggers at school age and older just hit with their cynicism.

I waited KVN for 2 weeks, and what did you do? Of course, it was cancelled, so I waited for it for another week! Good work! Excellently” - wrote distraught lover of KVN under the nickname k_valer. Elizaveta writes: “They abolished KVN on the first channel, infections!”

The good news is that these people – in minority, and some of them have deleted their accounts on Twitter after their page hit hundreds of angry reviews.

Kazan demonstrated a great example of human participation and solidarity. Immediately after the crash was reported offering assistance in twitter and vkontakte. People offered to drive passengers who could not leave the airport. Annexed and phone numbers.

“My phone – if you need to bring or take away to the airport”, - says Oleg Samoilov user.

“Do you need assistance at the airport of Kazan? I can bring/take away people” - writes on Twitter user Mitya.

“If you need assistance in connection with the disaster – to take to bring, please write or call”, - user Ildar Fattakhov writes.

Taxi also worked for free. User @wdemihov wrote: “Moscow, take the example of Kazan”, apparently meaning the behavior of taxi drivers in Moscow after the explosions in the subway and the airport “Domodedovo” when those inflated prices dozens of times using a stalemate passengers.

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