How to avoid the husband’s wrath?

How to avoid the husband’s wrath?


Every man is a personality with his own character, habits, and his perception of the world. Muslim woman should be able to find the key to her husband, she needs to learn to be very sensitive to know what is going to like her husband, and what is not. Sometimes it will take many years, but it's worth it. But then the husband's love and happiness in a family is guaranteed. We can only point to situations which are most often become the reason of discontent of her husband.


The husband comes home from work, very hungry, in the hope that now his beloved wife fed him a delicious meal. But he finds out that his wife did not cook. This may seem insignificant, if it happened once, for some good reason. Sick, not feeling well, etc.. The husband enters the position of his wife and maybe wait until the food is cooked. Or anything eat himself. But if it is repeated regularly, would he be angered?

Neglect of children and household duties

Every husband wants his wife was a caring mother who loves her children and does not leave unattended. What kind of reaction to expect from her husband if she does not show enough attention to children, at the time they were not fed, not educate them in the spirit of Islam, as, for example, for days talking on the phone with friends or spends all his time on the Internet. Or she shows her frustration to husband on the education of children, supposedly what they are naughty, and how difficult it is to handle them.

The same applies to the order in the house. The husband wants to return to a clean house, where pleasant smells emanate where everything shines. The house should be a place of grace for him. And if the opposite expects him, for example, to his arrival, he sees that his wife has just started dusting and vacuuming, or, even worse, not at all cleaned the house, everything is scattered, something stinks, of course, he is unhappy. Moreover it will take away her husband from home, it is unlikely he will be with such a zeal next time strive home.


Many wives, especially who do not work, they think that their husbands can easily earn money. Abusing the generosity of her husband, endlessly spend money on empty shopping. They do not even want to understand the husband and to enter into his position. Pacify her requests. She puts her husband and the whole family in a difficult financial situation.

Bad relationship with his relatives

It often happens that the wife is in conflict with the relatives of the husband, his parents and sisters. If she acted ugly in such situations, insulted and hurt someone of his relatives, who were very dear to him, this can hurt the husband. It will hurt him and cause him to anger.

Non-observance of religion

If you pray prayers not in time or miss it, do not comply with the rules of hijab, adorned outside, enjoy the spices, when you go out on the street, all of this can incur the wrath of her husband. And sometimes a husband can irritate your trip to any non-Islamic activities, where mixing the sexes, playing music, dancing.

He's your Heaven and Hell

These are just a few typical situations, but there are also many others that are unique to each family. And discover the past – the task of every woman. After all, for her concern about her husband and a good relationship with him – it is an integral part of the religion. The  Prophet (peace be upon him) said that if a person would be allowed to make a prostration to anyone but Him, then he would have ordered his wife to worship her husband. Allah will ask her how well she performed the duties to her husband, and for a good attitude awaits her reward, but for contempt – punishment, as stated in the following hadith. Once the Prophet (peace be upon him) asked some woman, “O woman, do you have a husband? She replied, “Yes.” He asked, how do you treat him? She replied, “As much as I can, I do not deny him any request.” He said: Check then what is your position with him, because he is either your (way to) Jannah or Fire” (Ahmad).

Sister, bear in mind that your neglect, ignorance or stupidity did not cause the conversion of well-behaved husband into irritable and rude person.

Khadija Magomedova

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