Elements of raising a child

Elements of raising a child


Proper upbringing of a child is an art, which is worth to learn long before the birth of children. In this article I will outline only some important components of the “educational process”.

The Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and greet him, said: “Every man is born in its natural state (fitrah), and then his parents make him a Jew, a Christian or a fire worshiper”. In addition to religion, parents instill many other qualities in child, and often they determine the child's future. Here it should be noted that the definition of the future includes not only the school, university, profession, but also a set of plants, traits that are no less determine his behavior, and then his fate. You should adhere to certain rules.

Relationship to child

Unconditional acceptance and love. It is impossible not to love your child, you can not take him in a part. Children can not be unloved or semi loved. All children need to be loved by their parents and other people. We do not choose children, so if your family has a child, you must accept him or her as he or she is. In the end, that you do not like him or that he can't fully love you, he is not guilty, it is your guilt. You must love him, and everything depend on you.

Relationship to actions

From an early age, formed the system of values of the child and the chief designer here's parent. Because, he explains, what is good and what is bad. Parental love should be unconditional, but it should not be blind. If the child was guilty of something, do not rush to punish him. Just explain that it is bad and what consequences can this lead. Of course, easier to shout at the child, to stop the outrage than calmly explain to him that this is wrong. But above we have said that education is an art. And like any responsible business, it requires effort and gradual improvement.

In no case do not insult your child. Do not say, “You are bad”, say, “This is an act that you have done is bad”.


Baby talk is not the best way to communicate with the child. At least until three years. The best option is respect. Despite his small age, you should see him as a personality, small person. And, of course, with respect to this: be attentive to his needs, not indifferent to his interests, spend time with him in games and other recreational activities that bring you closer and deepen mutual trust between you.

Acquaintance with the world 

At any age, you need to tell the child the truth. Do not cheat him. Deceiving him, you teach him to be a false and hypocritical. One of the important features of a Muslim is truthfulness. Let your little Muslim learns it from an early age.

An illustrative example

Stronger than any words upbringing affect the child case. If you do one thing and teach another – be sure that he will do exactly as seen, not as he had heard. You can not teach a child to love without loving him. You can not teach him to be honest, deceiving him. You can not teach a child to be responsible, not keeping your own promises. Own example is the best instructor for him.

A valuable gift

You can buy baby toys, you can take care of his physical comfort, but one of the most important skills you can teach him – independence.

Sooner or later he will have to go on his way, which perhaps you would not be around. But long before that, he has to get used to the fact that to make his decisions and be responsible for them. This is one of the traits that characterize a strong personality – the ability to make choices and be aware of his responsibility for it. It is possible, not doing everything for the child, but only helping him. Let all part of a case that he can do himself, he is doing. Otherwise, you can substitute your reliable parental shoulder.

If you want to succeed in education and help the formation of a strong and successful person, you should first educate yourselves. After all, you can not give the other what you have not. You can not feed the hungry with words.

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