Do not change Islam under your passions!



The biggest problem these days that people with sick ego and sick nafs begin to torment our religion. 

Enemies of Islam throughout history have tried different ways to destroy Islam. The first way - it was a direct injury, a direct attack like the Crusades, but it did not work out.

Then they turned to the second method, the ideological war. In European countries there appeared the so-called Oriental studies, where secular scientists tried to prove that the Quran or hadith were changed, nothing from authentic words of the Prophet (peace be upon him) did not reach them that religion contradicts science that Muslims are backward, dark, that Sharia - it's the law for the illiterate Bedouin. The colonial powers tried this way of thinking plant in India or Egypt, where they spread their influence. But then they left, and the Muslims were left with their religion.

Now they are trying to destroy Islam from within - using the ignorance of the Muslims, especially the young, and plant different currents movements, sects, erroneous opinions. They represent two extremes in general.

One extreme - when people want to adjust, adapt Islam under the secular way of life, to be modern. Such people tend to try to prove that Islam is backward, outdated Sharia, it is necessary to modernize, to cancel any bans. That different bans were associated with some local conditions - for example, did not eat pork because it was hot or dressed in clothes closed to prevent dust from getting in the face, washing had to be done because people were unscrupulous and the like. Arabs were wild and uncivilized, so they need to be taught the rules of halal and haram, but we have a conscience, and so, so we do not need it (because such beliefs, individually or collectively man is not a Muslim). This is one extreme.

At the other extreme, on the contrary, when they say that "Yes, we are violent and scary, let all fear us, to kill all unbelievers, all dissidents".

But in general, all this is due to the fact that people rather than to follow the path of great scholars and righteous ancestors, trying to fit religion under their passions and desires. Some people find it difficult to perform certain duties, they try to invent something, to facilitate that. Others on the contrary, too fanatical. This is a very big problem now that people adjust their religion under their passions.

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