Damir Mukhetdinov: "Islam does not require minor girls to wear a hijab"!

Damir Mukhetdinov:

Since January 1, 2013 is expected to enter into force of the new legislature "On Education in the Russian Federation." The bill, already passed by the State Duma in the first reading, amending the law "On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations", according to which the administration of the school institution may decide that the believers separate room, the room or building. According to the norms spelled out, it is necessary declaration by the students and their parents, for the appearance of prayer room.

This measure from the state which has accepted a course on recognition of traditional beliefs and providing a freedom of worship and religions, is very timely. This practice has long been used in hospitals, prisons, orphanages, homes for the elderly and disabled. In the Russian Orthodox Church, such amendments to legislation supported unanimously, but the representatives of the Muslim DUM did not speak with one voice in support of this initiative.

Once again sent to the lens that surprised journalists  representatives of DUM, saying that they are against organizing prayer rooms. Thus, according to the RIA News, deputy chairman management Farid Asadullin denied the prayer room with the words: "The secular, public school must be beyond religion. For this purpose there are Sunday schools where the studying children practising this or that religion, could practise those belief which for them are close and native».

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) advised to start with ourselves, in addition, the public is well known that the orthodox citizens of our country are active in advocacy at least through Sunday school, at least through the entire three religious satellite TV channel. Therefore, to begin with I would like to ask the respected Farid Hazrat, how many in the arrivals subordinated DUM, is registered active mosques, Sunday schools and the madrasahs conducting educational activity that it so quietly sends all thirsting knowledge of Muslims there. In addition, most of all, Asadullin unaware that "secular" - that does not mean atheistic. Secular social system assumes equidistance from all religions that no one religion is not the priority given to, and eliminates the involvement of the management of the state of religious figures. But in a secular democratic society, there is no prohibition of religion as such, there can not be a violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens on religious or ethnic grounds. Otherwise, if the traditional religions are banned, it is blatant propaganda of atheism – i.e. unconventional religious sect. Atheism is a specific form of faith too (belief that God does not exists). Therefore, such a position on this issue is most like is not the opinion of the Muslim cleric, it is the opinion of atheists who believe that instead of the traditional religions in secular schools must go unconventional promotion for our country and recently imposed by the Bolsheviks atheistic beliefs.

I remember the student years, had to run from floor to floor academic building of the University in search of unoccupied audience to perform prayers at the set time. Lack of prayer room, by the grace of God, did not stop to pray on time, but sometimes led to unfortunate incidents and misunderstandings on the part of ignorant people. Honestly, had to listen to more of the fellow, saying that we are Muslims in Russia strangers among their own. Neither the school nor the leadership of the country does not care about us, and even more so, as in Soviet times, has been fighting against the believers. Any attempts to convince their fellow believers in the reverse were met by quoting a number of the gravity of the violation of freedom of conscience, of religion by government officials and law enforcement authorities, which took place in violation of the Constitution and the laws of the Russian Federation. Above all, in those days, in Chechnya was in full swing the war, everywhere inflated anti-Islamic hysteria, officials and ordinary, inexperienced Islamic knowledge, in principle, can be understood in a purely human way. They're genuinely trying to do no harm and acted for preemption on a "what if something happened."

Damir Mukhetdinov:
Mukhetdinov knows that the majority of girls when all religious orders are binding on them, there may come when she is 10-11 years of age, and even earlier

Praise to the Allah, times are changing, people became more competent, the power at last started to understand problems of believers, we hope, turned to face them. Many people have understood that today the appearance of prayer rooms would have solved the problem of lack of understanding, faithful disciples and students would have felt like real citizens of this country, religious feelings are taken into account and respected by the state, and even more so to have the support. But representatives of DUM seems still live in the Soviet Union and continue movement by inertia.

DUM took a very strange position not so long ago during the height of the dispute over headscarves in educational institutions. The Head of structure Damir Mukhetdinov, according to Rosbalt he said: "If we turn to the theological aspect, it is clear that Islam is not a religion  which requires minor girls to wear a hijab." On the one hand, minor girls (from the point of view of Islam) is actually the hijab is not mandatory. Mukhetdinov obviously disingenuous, mixing determination of age in Islam (which implies maturity) as defined under the laws of the Russian Federation. Mukhetdinov knows that the majority of girls when all religious orders are binding on them, there may come when she is 10-11 years of age, and even earlier. But respected Hazrat stores on this modest silence. This is not done to attract attention and increase ratings of course.

Dear Damir and Farid Hazrat answer for the sake of the Allah, is it normal that the secular environment overshadowed mind of Muslim leaders, who by definition are examples to other believers in the Allah and the Last Day, and therefore have a responsibility not only to people but also to the Allah?  Is already forgotten prophetic wisdom that if you try to please people, the Allah will disgrace you in front of people, and if you try to please the Allah, He will raise you?

Give the Allah of wisdom to ours hazrats, lead us and them the righteous way, and let our deeds are performed solely for the pleasure of the Allah. 

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