City “Expo-2020” – Ekaterinburg, Sao Paulo, Izmir or Dubai?

City “Expo-2020” – Ekaterinburg, Sao Paulo, Izmir or Dubai?


In 2020 will be conducted already the 66th edition of the exhibition. The fate of the venue will be decided on 27 November 2013 in Paris.

For the right to participate in the next world exhibition initially there were five countries: Russia (Ekaterinburg), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Thailand (Ayutthaya), Turkey (Izmir) and the UAE (Dubai). However, in June 2013 Thailand was disqualified from the list of candidates because of the failure to provide the required format and safety, and thus remains 4 countries vying for the right to host the exhibition and the two of them – the Muslim. Russian President Vladimir Putin personally appealed to the international community and the organizing committee of the exhibition in English, where he listed the arguments in favor of Russia and called Committee to delegate the right to host in Yekaterinburg.

First International Exhibition was held in London's Hyde Park in 1851 and since then has held 63 exhibitions in different cities and parts of the world. While Kazakhstan became the first Muslim republic to win the right to host the World Expo in history. It will in 2017 in the capital - Astana and will be the 65th in a row. The last time the World's Fair was held last year in Korea, and the next will be in 2015 in Milan.

Each of the candidate countries made its presentation, emphasizing its competitive advantages. Thus, Russia has made a bet on the Global Mind. In a presentation video students from Ekaterinburg sent to the backward part of the world and become conductors of modern communication technologies - establishing dialogue and communication between people. The main idea is to provide equal possibilities for development and demonstrating to the world of their achievements. Russia is offering free participation in the exhibition for poor countries.

Brazil highlights the city of Sao Paulo as a cosmopolitan business platform on the one hand, and the point of intersection of trade routes in South America with the world on the other. Presentation video of Brazil called the Power of Diversity, Harmony for Growth.

UAE bet on a futuristic, technological advances, international availability, infrastructure and security, presenting Dubai as an Eastern tale, implemented in the present with the future presented in the story the boy, named Ali.

Turkey made ​​a presentation material, which speaks for itself: “New ways for a better world. Health to all”. The video claims that the city of Izmir has an idea to cure the world.

What city will win in the competition to host the “Expo-2020”? What do you think?

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