British Muslims bought another Church

British Muslims bought another Church


In England, the Muslims purchased another vacant church. The Methodist Jersey community - a small island off the coast of the UK - sold temple for 425 thousand pounds sterling. According to the leader of the Muslim community Safar Jamali, which is quoted by the BBC, representatives of other religious communities welcomed the deal.

Recall that earlier the British Catholics Kobridzha (Staffordshire) sold the church of St. Peter's for 80,000 pounds to the local community of Muslims. As the faithful explained, the temple, which was built in the 30's is almost empty, so it was decided to sell. Methodist Church "Aquilla" in Jersey is also empty, and the local Muslims initially rented it from the owner to read namaz. After the purchase, as in the case of Saint Peter's Church, Muslims are being converted Methodist Church into a mosque.

Second time in a relatively short period of time (in my opinion) British media reported about the sale of the Christian churches in England to Muslims. The second time I am happy to welcome the decision of British Christians - both Catholics and Methodist, they entrusted the fate of the house of worship to Muslims, although among the potential buyers of the temple were representatives of various religious communities, as well as commercial companies. However, British Christians choose the name of Islam, realizing, apparently, that it is Islam is the future of present-day Europe, waived its Christian roots.

Indeed, a Holy place is never empty. Therefore, with all the arrogance of Islamophobic propaganda, heated in Western society by neoliberal and representatives of right-wing parties, calling for a "European values" (the perfect chimera, a quaint cocktail of sweeping freedoms and total bans) the myth of Muslim - barbarians - Muslims enslavers of European continent gradually fading away. While European sages in Strasbourg and Brussels, declared priority of freedom of the minority over the majority highest achievement of the human civilization, and want to make this self-destructive status-quo was maintained in the future, pious, moral, patient and tolerant Muslims are buying (not grab) depopulated and abandoned churches, and, in general, continue and complete successfully spread the truth about Islam among those who do not wish to become part of the Western infernal society creatures without sex, without nationality, without religious, necessary only for the consumption of pleasures. The number of converted Muslims among Europeans is growing every day, so that in light of the current news we can talk about the birth of the new European civilization, which will gradually, slowly and gently replace the fading European postmodern civilization.

Khadija Maksudi

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