Alexei Grishin. "Turkish Gambit-3"

Alexei Grishin.
Alexei Grishin - the ex-government official "for Islam" in Russia

In the late 80's and 90's of the last century, in addition to major geopolitical changes essential positive aspects (the collapse of totalitarianism, the emergence of the civil rights and freedoms, etc.) brought into the Russian society seriously, not previously familiar threats and, above all, it is a religious extremism. During the long years of socialism-communism, Russian society has lost the natural protection against the massive attack of Preachers of unknown faiths (Scientologists, Mormons, Moonies, etc.), making it relatively easy to win the hearts and minds of our citizens.

At that time in the Muslim community, religious sects were "Salafists", "tabligs", "nurdzhular."

In fact, in the 90 years of the last century, the Muslim community in Russia has become a platform collision geopolitical interests competing for influence in the Islamic world, countries (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey).

If we turn to the chosen method, the Saudis emphasis has been made on promoting Salafi ideology among Russian students abroad. Pakistan led the advocacy work of missionaries in Russia, while Turkey (to be the most successful version) to create its own educational network throughout the country to prepare the faithful "Ottoman Empire" people from an early age.

Selected by Turks tactics allowed to in a relatively short time to achieve stunning results. They set up a good position in a number of major Religious Board of Muslims (the CDUM, the Council of Muftis of Russia, the Russian Association of Islamic Agreement), among the business elite and the bureaucrats in the Volga region.

The work "Nurdzhular" could not remain unnoticed for Russian law enforcement and regulatory agencies. As a result of tests, most of the Russian-Turkish schools were closed or redeveloped.

Nurdzhular were forced to look for new methods and tools of influence on Russian Muslims in order to regain lost ground. A state official "for Islam," Alexei Grishin became the tool in the mid-2000s, which established an excellent relationship with the Russian coordinator of the sect Aydogan Hamza. In particular, Hamza several times a year organized a "friendly VIP trips" Grishin to Turkey under the "all inclusive" to familiarize themselves with the Turkish experience of "religious tolerance."

As a result of "trust" with the officer, "Nurdzhular" managed to recover lost ground in education. Moscow and Ufa Islamic universities fell under the control, the CDUM representation in Moscow. With the direct participation and support of the Grishin in the town of Mytischi (Moscow region built and started to operate madrasah of closed type, which prepares entirely devoted called «Nurdzhular» people.

Apparently friendship of Grishin and Hamzy were built on a solid financial base so that even after the loss of political office Grishin continues to defend the interests of the sect, leading an active information war against its opponents. From the position of the site they criticized all measures aimed at reducing the Turkish influence, presenting them as the help of radical Salafis. All measures taken in the field of state-religion relations are characterized as, "to say it mildly," unprofessional, contributing to aggravation of the situation in the umma.

But the question is: "Why has he made over the years?" Was he responsible for the situation in Islam after 9 years?

Publicly the main tasks he called the support of traditional Islam in Russia and the organization of the Fund for support of Islamic culture, science and education (the Fund) to shut down foreign funding of radical organizations in Russia.

But in the end: it were not produced and were not put forward at least as a project no coherent strategy for traditional and non-traditional Islam in Russia. Traditional Islam was not supported by stimulus funding projects useful activity, and through direct funding of numerous uncontrolled spiritual offices, and de facto - of their leaders, who have no influence on the masses of the faithful and, especially, the youth. This gave rise to corruption scandals, rumors of the many "setbacks", but not intensified ideological struggle against radicalism.

Not taken any interregional, not to mention the all-Russian scale, theological conclusions, which are inherent in the language of religion would prove the wickedness of radicalism in all its manifestations and religious truth is the path of tolerance, moderation, law-abiding, patriotic. Instead - purely political declaration (at meetings) chairmen numerous "spiritual offices," which among believers reasonably believe ignorant. Any of the numerous anti-Russian fatwa were not refuted translated into Russian and posted on the websites of the extremists.

Working with the Muslim youth replaced with the issue of the illiterate cheap brochures. The money of the Fund were given far from science, education and culture of a people. So, having received money from Grishin someone Shavkat Avvyasov (known as a former policeman from Uzbekistan), ward Bidzhiev (Karachai) and M-B.Gasanov (Moscow Salafi Jamaat leaders' Darul-Arqam "), issued under the stamp of the Foundation brochure, in which reprinted the fatwa Salafi authority in Saudi Arabia, where it is said that the terrorist act in the Moscow metro is bad only because it was a result of death of several Muslims.

With support of Grishin Avvyasov received land in Moscow for the construction of the Islamic center, where radical ideologues can open now, in the eyes of the Islamic world a legal platform and adequate funding of Salafi from Arab countries.

Formation of a system of Islamic education has been reduced to allocate substantial funds "their rectors" of Islamic schools which were spent in a strange goal. For example, the rector of the Moscow Islamic University Murtazin specialized "on hold" for a large number of conferences and round tables, which no one knew.

Publishing activity, which would bring the benefit of traditional Islam, was given at the mercy of the Nizhny Novgorod group, which was working at a brick factory tons of products, which many Muslim organizations refused to take even free of charge, considering it a waste paper. For example, in the wording of the portal "" complained against their will they are imported newspapers and magazines "Medina", throw in the office at the front door and run away, and deposit them in the trash they are hampered by the presence in them the names of Allah.

Among the Muslim community was felt that the publishing, oversaw Grishin, could have a strong corruption component. Therefore, at the unprecedented financial and political support of Grishin publications and Nizhny Novgorod as a whole group, among the faithful born joke appeared in Islam "sixth pillar": now, along with "zakat" is also "otkyat."

Grishin takes credit that allegedly spent huge sums of money for the organization of a network of "my people", but the public does not need a network of personal friends, but a stable and strategically designed system of productive relations with Muslim organizations in the state, which we have from him, and have not received.

Finally, during his time in office occurred radicalization of Islam in Russia, and especially among young people. Part of the Muslims have already started to fall under the influence of the structures involved in the «color revolutions».

If processes in the North Caucasus, require the participation of a high-level government structures, "salafitizatsiya" Volga region - entirely on the conscience of adviser Grishin. In particular, contrary to public opinion a long time he forced saving the post of Mufti of the Republic of Tatarstan for the staunch defender of the interests of Arabian Salafi Gusman Iskhakov.

Another result of the work of Grishin - the failure of the idea of ​​a fund. The concept of the Fund's anticipated that the President of Russia will put pressure on the Arab countries, so that all the financing channels of Muslims in Russia went exclusively through the Fund or legal persons with the Fund, which would take control of the recipients of funds received from abroad. Grishin notified the ambassadors, sent letters to several Arab countries, and the first time it became alert and stopped funding radical groups in Russia. However, for these notifications are not followed no binding decisions, and gradually the financing of radical Arab radical communities and individual figures within Russia resumed in full. The Fund was completely undone, and only because of unprofessional and irresponsible attitude of the Administration adviser.

The Fund was expected a few years ago, immediately after the notification, to begin the procedure of signing of agreements with the relevant bodies of the state of the Arab countries, Iran and Turkey, which would have placed strict condition «harmonization» of all grants to Russian activists from the Fund, and would correct from the point of view of international law, but the effective lever of control over the pipelines in Russia means. In the end, relevant to the Fund in the Arab environment has changed significantly for the worse, it was considered «frivolous organization».

In this case, the Muslims of Russia and the Arab countries have been in contact with the Fund, they were accused Grishin that guide the Foundation is not associated with Islam, seeing the focus of anti-Islamic Grishin, because no one believes that among the millions of Muslims in Russia is not competent managers who could work in the Fund. This fact also contributes to the fact that many sponsors abroad looking for «detours», bypassing the Fund, and the Muslim youth in Russia is often called Fund «Kafirs» organization acting against Islam.

It becomes clear "concern and thoughts of Alexei" about Russia. He worked in this field, very hard. The main thing - time to get "otkyat", and after us the deluge ...


Author: Ruslan Matveev

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