7 steps of true repentance

7 steps of true repentance


Tauba is Arabic word which means "repentance" - recognition of own error, the appeal to the Almighty to forgive and the assurance that you will not continue to allow it. In everyday life we do a lot of cases, which contribute to the fact that our soul becomes stale. And for some it becomes a habit. Sometimes we are lazy to do the things that are commanded by Allah, considering the unlawful restriction of our freedom. To live by these principles big sin. 

Sinful is of two kinds: first, what are you doing in relation to yourself and the second is a sin in relation to others. Sin being committed to yourself, includes non binding - Fard that God entrusted to man, that is intemperance of the forbidden - haram, refusal of the prayer, fasting, the use of alcoholic beverages and the forbidden food. Thus, you're committing a crime against yourself. Sin in relation to others is that you humiliate the human dignity of the other, called him, and mocked his physical disability, beat him, kidnaps his things. In order to repent in this case, in addition to the above actions, you must ask for forgiveness from a person, who are subjected to humiliation and seek his forgiveness. In that case, when we do not ask for forgiveness from a person, who was humiliated, our repentance will not be accepted by Allah. 

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said that true repentance involves seven actions to overcome the consequences of sin.


1. From ignorance to enlightenment. The penitent should know in the future not to repeat the mistakes what is sinful and what is expected reward of God. Without the knowledge of religion of Islam, it is impossible to achieve this.

2. Away from sin, you should refer to the fear of God.

3. Rejecting forbidden - haram, must accept tolerated - halal.

4. Do not lie and tell the truth, because it is haraam originates from wrong.

5. Overcoming of pride, as the greatest sin is the arrogance.

6. To overcome the hypocrisy and duplicity, replacing it with sincerity, because hypocrite perform some act for the sake of others and their praise.

7. Having refused from sleep, spend the night in prayers. Doing alms, you should remember that you are sacrificing something expensive for yourself for the sake of satisfaction of the neighbor. In other words, sacrificing a bit of sweet dream, for the sake of the prayers of God, you are making a gift of Allah Ta'ala.

It must be remembered - not to repeat the mistakes, it is necessary to do as much as possible of the good, even to the detriment of our own free time, so that it is as small as possible.

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