5 Muslim Female Superheroes!

Vidéo : découvrez Burka Avenger, une super héroïne Pakistanaise


When you mention the name of a comic book, one would always refer to someone like Superman or Spider man. It is these two action heroes after Batman which has left an important impression in the minds of young and old. But when it comes to women and they being the hero of the day, the only one you can think of is Wonder Woman.

It is Wonder Woman who has been a real inspiration to a lot of young girls and women out there in our society to be brave and strong. If it wasn't for superheroes like Wonder Woman, you will not find a lot of real brave courageous women in our society. According to authors, it is believed that through these superheroes, people tend to enact the way their favourite characters portray themselves.

Apart from the superhero, Wonder Woman, there are five more women superheroes which have been introduced to us. The best aspect about these female superheroes is that they are Muslims! These Muslim superheroes have been created by Muslim authors who want to change the society from evil to good.

Here are the five female Muslim superheroes who are surreal to protect a woman. Take a look:

Burka Avenger

This Muslim female superhero is an inspiration to all young girls who want to study and are prevented from doing so. Dressed in a full burka, this Muslim female superhero uses pens and books as her weapons to fight against those who restrict girls from studying.


Have you heard of this Muslim female superhero? After the rape of a woman in Tahrir square, Qahera was introduced to the public via the internet. This female Muslim superhero was created by Deena Muhamad. She is the voice of all Arab women who are asked to respond to sexual harassment with silence.

Kamala Khan

One of the greatest Muslim female superheroes is Kamala Khan. She is a great inspiration for a lot of women today. Kamala Khan is a teenage superhero who deals with super evils that roam on the street.

Rayann Lawsonia

Rayann which is a Muslim female superhero created by a woman itself is a real mystery. This super girl is one of a kind. According to her creator, she is a shy superhero who draws her strength from henna (mehndi) to fight evil.

Surayah Qadir

Sold into slavery in her native Afghanistan in youth Surayah Qadir was freed by Wolverine from X-Men. As a student at the Xavier Institute later Surayah herself joins the X-Men to confront evil.


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