01 January 2015 10:57
Radio "Azan"
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17 March 2014 9:48
Kazan Will Become The Official Northern Capital Of The Muslim World
Kazan has always played a special role in preserving and spreading Islam, as one of the cultural centers for Muslims around the world. It is associated with Kazan the brightest pages of the history of Islamic religious thought, philosophy, Islamic education, typography
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07 February 2014 11:07
Sochi - 2014 in The World Press: 60 Presidents And 100 Thousand $ For A Medal
The global information field strained to the limit: with just hours to go before the opening ceremony in Russia's Winter Olympics. Western news media have focused on forecasts relating to boycott the Games
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06 February 2014 16:49
Muslims In The XXII Olympic Winter Games In Sochi
XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi will be the second in the history of Russia since 1980, and the first winter games. At the Olympics representatives of 88 countries, the opening ceremony will bring together leaders of some of them
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30 December 2014 10:49
Muslims perceived with a heavy heart two attacks which happened in Volgograd, Russia
Yesterday there was a tragedy in Volgograd. As a result of the terrorist attack at the train station at the hands of evildoers were killed and injured dozens of people
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11 December 2013 16:49
The Golden mean of Islam
Muslims – is a middle society. They tend not to any excessive pursuit of worldly nor asceticism. They do not head in the clouds and at the same time not too earthy. However, in practice, not all is rosy. There are many pseudo Islamic organizations that pursue their goals under the guise of a great idea
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05 December 2013 12:45
The sin of suicide
Suicide is one of the greatest sins. Allah Almighty forbade Muslims to commit crimes not only against others, but against himself. He forbade man to suicide and all that can cause a person to death
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03 December 2013 15:49
Gratitude brings benefit
Once Isa (alayhi salaam) came to the rich man. He took the rich man to the poor man and said: "This poor man, your brother in religion. Almighty Allah exalted you above him in term of wealth
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03 December 2013 10:47
Winter is a spring in the soul of a believer
In the hadith of the Messanger of Allah (peace be upon him): "The winter season is spring for the believer". In the continuation of the hadith contained rivayat, saying: "the Night (winter) that allows to revive them in worship; the days are short, that allows them fasting". In another Hadith from Abdullah ibn Mas’ud says
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02 December 2013 17:15
The Delights Of Paradise
The reality of Paradise is something which people will never be able to understand until they will not enter it, but Allah has shown us a glimpse of it in the Quran. He described it as a place essentially different from life in this world, as the purpose of life and delights which people will enjoy it
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02 December 2013 12:27
Fard (mandatory) conditions of nikah
For the validity of nikah must necessarily be two conditions are met: idzhab (offer) and Kabul (acceptance)
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02 December 2013 10:49
The knockout game
In the U.S., gaining momentum “game” called “Knockout”. The word “game” consciously enclosed in quotation marks, because in reality we are talking about deadly form of sudden violence. The essence of the “game” is that when teenagers with black skin see occasional white passer, one of the teens should suddenly send him or her with one punch knockout
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29 November 2013 16:49
How to be beautiful for own husband?
The beauty of a woman is not available for other men, she belongs to a single man – her husband. Therefore, a Muslim woman must adorn herself for her beloved husband
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29 November 2013 11:35
5 Muslim Female Superheroes!
When you mention the name of a comic book, one would always refer to someone like Superman or Spider man. It is these two action heroes after Batman which has left an important impression in the minds of young and old
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29 November 2013 10:27
The wisdom of the great Muslims: Heaviest act for the nafs
There is nothing more complicated than contentment decree of Allah for nafs of a man. Because to be pleased with the destiny predetermined by Allah means the consent of His decision, which contradicts the desires of nafs
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28 November 2013 10:15
Do not change Islam under your passions!
Enemies of Islam throughout history have tried different ways to destroy Islam. The first way - it was a direct injury, a direct attack like the Crusades, but it did not work out
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27 November 2013 15:49
Subtle forms of contempt
The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and greet him, said: "It is sufficient evil for a man to despise his Muslim brother, and for every Muslim should be inviolate life
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27 November 2013 10:47
In Europe people continue to humiliate Muslims
Last week unknown vandals attacked mosques in Sweden and France, they painted the walls and doors of Muslim congregations offensive slogans. Numerous Muslim leaders of France expressed their anger about what happened
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26 November 2013 14:37
Some of the Muslims clearly lost...
It has long been obvious that there is allied relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Syrian crisis has highlighted the verge of tacit friendship of these two brotherly countries, and recent events have made fact of political reality  of the friendship of Riyadh and Tel Aviv
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26 November 2013 11:15
Features of Islam in Chinese
According to official data, Muslims live China since the VIII century. The first Muslims in China became Arab and Persian Muslim merchants, who brought to China their products
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25 November 2013 16:07
Whatever disease Allah creates, He creates a cure for it
In the century of high technologies development in the life of people is obviously easier and more comfortable. But replaced by other concerns, namely the disease, which in the olden days people did not hear
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25 November 2013 10:25
The wisdom of the great Muslims: You must fear only Allah
Fear Allah as you are not afraid of anyone. With an even stronger feeling than the feeling of fear, hope for Allah. And wish the people of that what you will and yourself
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22 November 2013 15:49
City “Expo-2020” – Ekaterinburg, Sao Paulo, Izmir or Dubai?
In 2020 will be conducted already the 66th edition of the exhibition. The fate of the venue will be decided on 27 November 2013 in Paris
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22 November 2013 10:49
U.S. will cease to be a superpower?
Based on available data and the dynamics of the events in the coming years, the U.S. could lose its superpower status. Look at three recent events that have shown that there are serious problems in the U.S. government
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21 November 2013 11:15
British Muslims bought another Church
In England, the Muslims purchased another vacant church. The Methodist Jersey community - a small island off the coast of the UK - sold temple for 425 thousand pounds sterling. According to the leader of the Muslim community Safar Jamali
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20 November 2013 17:25
Muslim prayer during pregnancy
A pregnant woman (as well as not pregnant) must pray until she’s conscious. However, Shariah is soft in relation to patients, such as pregnant women, how to pray
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20 November 2013 14:15
How to avoid the husband’s wrath?
Every man is a personality with his own character, habits, and his perception of the world. Muslim woman should be able to find the key to her husband, she needs to learn to be very sensitive to know what is going to like her husband, and what is not. Sometimes it will take many years, but it’s worth it
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19 November 2013 12:15
Humans and nonhumans
November 17, as soon as it became aware of a plane crash at the Kazan airport in a number of TV channels ethereal grid changes have been made. In particular, the show game KVN was canceled, which was scheduled for Sunday evening
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18 November 2013 17:37
The tragedy in Kazan
A terrible tragedy occurred yesterday, November 17, at 7:25p.m. at the Kazan International Airport. Aircraft “Boeing 737-500” Airline “Tatarstan”, coming from Domodedovo to Kazan, and carrying out flight number 363, crashed during landing
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18 November 2013 11:49
The Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin expresses his condolences in connection with the plane crash that occurred at the Kazan airport
Bismillyahi Rahmani Rahim! On behalf of the Muslims of Tatarstan and myself, I would like to extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who perished during the tragedy at the airport of Kazan, which occurred on November 17
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18 November 2013 10:35
Money or Knowledge?
Every person who can afford the tuition, continuing education and complete it as a PhD and an MA in individual subjects, but the hadith says: "Every Muslim". What is the difference between a Muslim and non-Muslim, if we all acquire the same knowledge? The emphasis on "every Muslim" in this hadith indicates knowledge
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15 November 2013 16:49
Cleanliness in Islam
The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and greet him, said: “Cleanliness is half of faith!” Also, in another hadith: “Allah loves the clean and pure”. Cleanliness is essential to life and well-being. You can reach it by following these seven rules
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14 November 2013 14:45
Indian film star Shah Rukh Khan talks about what it means to be a Muslim in the world after September 11
Islam came to India in 7-8 centuries, Islam in India is as old as Islam in the world. About 19% of the population profess Islam in India, and these are people whose ancestors converted to Islam. However, time and again, the Muslims of India have to prove that they are the members of the Hindu society too
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13 November 2013 10:15
What to do if you have a disaster or you suddenly fallen ill?
Necessary to turn to God and read the du’a. You can appeal to God in your own language, as in this case, fully aware of what you beg the Creator. First, you must commit a ritual ablution, stand facing the Kaaba, and raising your hands to thank God for His mercy and to express your gratitude
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11 November 2013 17:07
Elements of raising a child
Proper upbringing of a child is an art, which is worth to learn long before the birth of children. In this article I will outline only some important components of the “educational process
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11 November 2013 10:47
Earn money in a halal way
We live in a very material and cynical world. Unfortunately, everything revolves around money, and all eventually converge to them. In the last decade there has been a significant increase in inflation. The prices of basic necessities of life are increasing
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08 November 2013 11:49
7 steps of true repentance
The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said that true repentance involves seven actions to overcome the consequences of sin
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08 November 2013 11:07
What is the appeal of the Muslim wedding?
From year to year, by the grace of Almighty, the ranks of newcomers to Islam are replenished by boys and girls. Accordingly, increases the number of those who spend their wedding, according to the canons of the Shariah.  How lively and exciting wedding ceremony takes place in the Muslim
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01 November 2013 12:07
Modesty and chastity in Islam
The contemporaries of the Prophet (peace be upon him) tried to change the relationship between men and women in accordance with the laws of God. These relations were characterized by diffidence, chastity, understanding, refinement
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31 October 2013 16:45
The beauty standard "HALAL"
Every day the market surprises us with a variety and availability of halal goods. And even non-Muslims are aware that the concept of “Halal” refers not only to food but also to many other groups of goods and services. Although the fact of the existence of Halal cosmeticsdewildered some people
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