I converted to Islam in a way because of my mother: Yuvan Shankar Raja


Chennai: Popular music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja has finally broken his silence over his conversion to the Islam religion.

Last year, Yuvan revealed on his Twitter page that he has embraced Islam religion. The revelation surprised many, while others supported the composer’s decision. Following some unwarranted messages about his decision to Islam conversion, He admits that the sudden demise of his mother forced him turn spiritual and eventually find the faith in the Islam. Yuvan Said His friend Came from Mecca after Hajj gave me the prayer mat and asked me to use it when I was feeling heavy in the heart. He started practising the prayer in 2012. He decided to convert by January 2014.He has not changed his name officially but he could convert to the Islam in the future.

Yuvan says he found solace when he started reading the Quran. Recalling the incident where he had his first encounter with his spiritual side.He Said that it is because of his mother that he embraced his Islam.


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