Gaza negotiations doomed to failure as long as Israeli ‘stubbornness’ persists


The latest Israeli assault – which has claimed 2,000 members of the Gaza community (overwhelmingly civilian) – was always designed to destabilise the Palestinian political process towards sovereignty and self-determination. The violence has achieved just that, and in the process, slowed the struggle for Palestinian liberation. Tel Aviv and the Palestinian political leadership, who have spent the past 21 years negotiating the process, are now not discussing the future but locked in on-and-off discussions to resolve the latest assault.

But, indeed, the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations – a Tel Aviv scheme to perpetuate occupation, apartheid and siege – have achieved nothing. This is the umpteen time this sort of thing is happening, explained Gaza-based political analyst Dr Abu Shark adding that and that excludes the several United Nations resolutions, dating back to 1948, that have failed.

“The United Nations never implemented [the resolutions calling for our rights to self-determination, the right to return and sovereignty] simply because of the influence and pressure of the different American administration and the West and because of the weakness of the Arab and Muslim world. Unfortunately the West uses double standards when it comes to Palestine and Arabs and Muslims are too weak,” the political analyst told Cii’s Sabahul Khair. He dismissed both the Arab League as well as Egypt, whose coup regime leader, Abdel Fatah El-Sisi, is widely seen as Tel Aviv’s stooge.

On why the negotiations, brokered by the same Egypt, failed, he said it was apparent that Binyamin Netanyahu’s Israel, which routinely metes out “collective punishment” on ordinary and unarmed civilian Palestinians, was never going to change its radical and violent approach.

“I think the Israelis are beating around the bush, they don’t want to give any concessions. They don’t want to end the siege, the occupation. They don’t want to allow us to build our airport or our seaport. They don’t want to release our political prisoners from the concentration camps. They don’t want to allow our fishermen to go to fish in our own sea,” Shark said.

“The Israelis, of course, reneged on whatever point reached (during the negotiations) in Egypt. The negotiations failed simply because the Israelis did not want to give us our own rights and they insist on continuing their aggression, occupation, and siege simply because within the Zionist Cabinet there are differences (of opinion).”

Under Netanyahu, who doesn’t even recognise Palestinians as a people, the Knesset is generally unwelcoming and has embarked on a series of actions to force Palestinians into exile while encouraging many more Zionist members of the Jewish community to “return” to Israel.

“They are perpetuating the occupation simply because the whole world is silent, there’s a conspiracy of silence. The Arabs are weak, the Muslims are weak. The United Nations, unfortunately, is supporting (Israel). America is supporting them,” Shark said, stressing that complicit in the genocide – that continues to claim Palestinian lives – is the West, and particularly the US, for arming Israel and standing by this pariah state.

“They feel that they should impose their own conditions on the Palestinian people. The Palestinians, of course, will never ever accept this and they are ready to defend themselves until we achieve our (freedom). We hope that the whole world will, of course, come to support the Palestinians,” Shark pleaded with Cii listeners, adding it was about time for the international community to “impose conditions that would force them to withdraw from the Palestinian land. To force them to lift the siege and to force them to let us live like human beings, and with honour and dignity.”

The Gaza-based analyst expressed fear that if the whole world community did not support the Palestinians and, instead, stood and “idled by and supported Israel – whether it is through the United Nations or through the veto by the Americans, or by giving them weapons” the situation would only worsen. “There can never be peace unless, and until, the Palestinian people achieve their goals and attain their rights,” Shark said.


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