29 August 2013 9:42
And if Assad wins?
Similar questions with the hope or fear are given politicians, academics , journalists and thousands of people around the world. What will happen with Syria if the statements of the upcoming military operation of NATO forces will be only act of intimidation
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28 August 2013 16:35
Namaz filled in the same manner as it had committed in its time. Therefore 4 rak’at prayers that were commited in a way can be filled in a way
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28 August 2013 9:07
Ten steps on how to change the world
We all see the depressing stories on TV, in magazines, and in the newspapers filled with heart breaking images and stories from Syria, Palestine. We also see Islamophobes incessantly bashing Islam and Muslims, and the hungry and oppressed harshly mistreated; yet so many of us feel helpless and powerless
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27 August 2013 14:30
Where is the truth of life?
Let’s look at a world full of luxury, expensive cars, beautiful women, great attractions, modern stadiums, mansions, night clubs, bars, cinemas, parks
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26 August 2013 13:45
German intelligence predicts Assad’s victory
According to the German portal Spiegel Online, Federal Germany’s foreign intelligence service has produced a radical re-evaluation of the situation in Syria and came to the conclusion that the crisis in the country will be overcome in favor of Bashar al-Assad
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26 August 2013 10:25
Surah "Al-Fatiha": a direct way and friends of Allah
Faith (iman) of a person which does not have the light (Nur) of Allah is not perfect and may be unstable. Such a person can easily submit his nafs.
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23 August 2013 14:34
Arab countries in the Global Talent Index
The Global Talent Index is a research conducted by Heidrick & Struggles - one of the world’s largest organizations in the executive search carried out in collaboration with The Economist Intelligence Unit
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23 August 2013 10:01
Islam teaches tolerance
Acting President of Dagestan Republic Ramazan Abdulatipov once again spoke out in favor of the hijab in schools of the Republic. A statement that many of the media have called sensational
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22 August 2013 14:45
The list of world’s richest Arabs
As reported by Al Arabiya, the Saudis dominated the list of the richest Arabs. In the list of the 50 richest Arabs, 23 of them are citizens of Saudi Arabia, whose total wealth exceeds $ 142 billion
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22 August 2013 11:00
Jews vs Muslims
Whether its jihadi terrorists, crusading rapists or holy conquerors, it seems that our history is replete with great religions creating great suffering
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22 August 2013 7:09
Deeds that lead to Paradise
From the words of  Anas bin Malik: «One day we were sitting with the Prophet (sallallaahu ’alaihi wa sallam). During this time, he said: “After some time, come to me man, of the inhabitants of Paradise”. At this time there came one of the Ansars
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21 August 2013 13:20
The Washington Post: «The U.S. and Israel have collaborated to create a virus" Flame "»
The Washington Post newspaper has accused the U.S. and Israel that they jointly created a computer virus called Flame. The newspaper quoted an unnamed source saying that "Western officials are aware of this activity the U.S. and Israel
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21 August 2013 9:30
What is Inner Beauty?
People compete in beauty from the beginning of human life. However, what really needs to be admired - it is not the physical beauty, it is inner
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20 August 2013 14:51
Islam and democracy
Below are some of the findings of the sociological research, which in the spring of 2012 was conducted by the American sociological service «Pew Research Center»
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20 August 2013 12:07
Why do people divorce?
Why do people divorce? In particular, interested in the question of why Muslims are divorced? But what is missing Muslim families? Lately I often hear from friends that someone divorced
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19 August 2013 15:15
Mastery of eating as the pinnacle of modern culture
In the world held a number of competitions and contests, which from our point of view, can not be in principle. They include not only contests eating something edible
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19 August 2013 11:28
New details of the investigation of the terrorist attack in Boston
According to the FBI, arrested Tazhayakov and Kadyrbaev tried to remove the evidence from the room of their comrade Johar Tsarnaev, one of the alleged perpetrators of the attack. Edition «Los Angeles Times» has published the text of an SMS message sent from a mobile phone Johar Tsarnaev
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19 August 2013 10:16
The benefits of dates
Dates contain the full range of substances needed to man. They contain large amounts of carbohydrates (44-88%), and the data carbohydrates contain a lot of natural sugars (glucose, fructose), which serves as a source of energy for our body
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19 August 2013 7:07
Japanese, practicing Christianity, adopted Islam after 40 years of research
Japanese teacher of mathematics has long studied the religion, and eventually he came to the conclusion that Islam is the true religion. 60-year old John Kami Yama after accepting Islam lucky enough to go on pilgrimage
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16 August 2013 7:45
The most valuable thing in the world is ikhlas (sincerity)
According to scientists, there are two meanings of the word "Niyat." One of them is related to the distinction between the act of worship from the usual action. For example
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15 August 2013 8:44
Husband’s rights in Islam
Husband against his wife has only two rights, both non-property, is obedience (ta’a) and the right to education (ta’dib). Further detail on each of them
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15 August 2013 7:30
Are swimming lessons more important than religion?
The Swiss Federal Court rejected the request of a Muslim girl to free her from swimming lessons because the teacher is male, justifying it by the fact that the integration and unity are more important than religion
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14 August 2013 14:21
Books - haram?
What indignation shall arise from the Muslims, when in the 21st century there are some bigots who speak for all of Islam, and claim that the water cycle, the sphericity of the Earth supposedly contrary to Islam
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14 August 2013 9:43
Is artificial meat halal?
Scientists succeeded in the laboratory to turn stem cells into cow meat. Because of this and started a new discussion: whether meat halal when nourished by artificial means?
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13 August 2013 14:34
Believers and the Environment – A Fine Balance
In a beautiful hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said
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12 August 2013 10:19
Intolerance to adequate
After the collapse of the USSR, the USA had no serious competitors. After the collapse of the bipolar structure of the world, despite the expected multipolarity, established a world dictatorship led by the world’s policeman in the face of the USA - the White house began to feel like the master of the world
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12 August 2013 7:00
10 of the most incredible Islamic inventions
Move aside Einstein! Before there was a spate of modern inventions in the 1800s, innovators from across the Arab world were making amazing societal progress and creating objects that we still use today
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06 August 2013 10:58
The spread of gossip - the gravest sin, Part 1
The spread of gossip is widely perceived as a common thing, and not as a sin. Indeed whisperers are awaited shameful and tragic future. Hasan Basri realized that his foes dissemilated lies about him
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05 August 2013 16:35
Halal cosmetics: know-how or marketing ploy?
Muslim women were told for years that wearing nail polish would negate wudu ablutions before prayer. Many therefore refrained from painting their nails
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02 August 2013 14:45
Children’s holiday: Ramadan
This year I wanted to make a start of Ramadan in some special day for my daughter. I wanted her to finally waited for these days with trepidation in her heart, both secular children are waiting for the New Year or Birthday
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02 August 2013 9:31
Hot Ramadan. Are you afraid?
Praise be to Allah the Almighty, here and opened the gates of his grace, came the holy month of Ramadan. After all, in an authentic hadith the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) narrated to us
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01 August 2013 12:58
Religious myths. The myth of the Hajj
The primary need of the religious life of a Muslim is the observance of his five liabilities, which includes the perfomance of the Hajj. This should be met the following conditions
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01 August 2013 12:12
Is it possible to get rid of bad habits during Ramadan?
Ramadan can be part of the solution to your problem by providing the motivation, the self-control, and the opportunity for you to implement better habits
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01 August 2013 9:37
How to fast. The food for Ramadan
Most of our readers in these hot days, perform one of the main pillars of Islam - fasting. Of course all of them are interested in the questions of proper nutrition, good that there are plenty to choose from
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31 July 2013 11:15
Duties of a Muslim in the last ten days of Ramadan
The last third of the blessed month of Ramadan - a chance that a Muslim should take advantage of. On these days have night of Qadr, which is so virtuous and significant in its blessing that worship at this time is better a thousand months of worship
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30 July 2013 10:57
Arab countries: reputation rating - 2013
Reputation Rating of the world countries is a global study of public opinion, the result of which is a ranking of countries formed on the basis of ideas about their reputation in the international environment. International consulting firm Reputation Institute hosts an annual study
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30 July 2013 9:42
Top 15 dishes of Ramadan
Muslims have different traditional dishes and drinks for Ramadan, which are considered an integral part of the meal of Ramadan. Below is a list of the most common dishes and drinks without which our Muslim brothers could not imagine the Holy month Ramadan
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24 July 2013 10:46
Days of forgiveness: Ready?
The blessed days of Ramadan are passing so quickly. The special days of Allah’s great mercy, forgiveness and favors are going; therefore, everyone should evaluate the efforts he exerted in Ramadan before it is too late
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24 July 2013 9:43
Royal child was born with Islamic roots
The whole Albion with a sinking heart was waiting for the birth of the Royal child. The Royal couple Kate Middleton and Prince William accepts congratulations with the birth of the son, who became the third in a queue to the throne. Even before the birth of the heir has caused quite a stir in the country
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23 July 2013 9:17
Jordan: "Eager Lion"
Major military exercises under the name "Eager lion", held in Jordan from 6 to June 20, 2013 is not attracted as much attention as, for example, the manoeuvres of the Russian army in the Eastern military district
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