04 October 2013 15:45
Dangerous Liaisons
Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Steffen Weil authorized official talks of his government with the local Muslim community, the purpose of which will be the recognition of Islam the official religion in this federal state
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04 October 2013 12:15
Women’s health
Today we hear a lot that illnesses become younger, there are more and more viruses. How to fence ourselves from it, how to maintain the health of the body, which is given to us by God as Amanat?
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03 October 2013 12:27
Are there borders in subjection to own husband?
We should not think that Islam, directing woman to obedience to her husband, turned her into a slave. The word "submission" refers to what is necessary for the continuation of family life. And such subordination is not from fear or tyranny, it is from infinite love, affection and respect
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02 October 2013 15:47
How to overcome the difficulties of life?
The life path often consists of difficulties, challenges, trials and tribulations. However, these difficulties can become stepping stones to facilitate and wisdom. With the right attitude we can get out of each of the "dark tunnel", becoming a better, stronger and wiser
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02 October 2013 11:45
Goodbye, chemical weapons
The Syrian chemical weapons will be destroyed on the territory of the Arab Republic, not in Russia. This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov
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30 September 2013 14:49
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
How often a person takes upon himself the burden that he could not bear. As a wanderer who takes more things than he needed to in reality. Judging by the large number of travelers, it seems that for a person in the same unbearable lightness, that Allah gave, as the heavy debt which lies on him
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30 September 2013 10:07
"Al-Azhar" crazy again
The fatwa, which excited the Islamic world, "a woman who breast feed her a colleague at work, get rid of the harassment"
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26 September 2013 12:37
Are we alone in this world? (Part 2)
Is Satan (Shaytan) one of the jinn? Satan, Shaytan, the devil, Iblees, the personification of evil, is known by many names. The Christians usually call him Satan; to Muslims he is known as Shaytan
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26 September 2013 8:49
One of the oldest mosques in the world
 The oldest mosque in Africa is located in Northern Ghana, Larabanga and presumably built in 1421. The logs in the walls of the mosque are intended to make it easier to coat the walls with clay for repairs. The climate is such that they are constantly smeared by the rain or the sun dries up
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25 September 2013 12:27
Newcastle Muslim Player Refuses Loan Shirt
After months of complaining to the administration, a Newcastle Muslim striker has objected on religious and ethical grounds to wear a shirt that carries the logo of the club’s new sponsor; a sky-high interest rates loan company
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25 September 2013 9:24
Pen pal
"Few American presidents so believed in the power of the written word, as Barack Obama", writes The New York Times, and last week, the us President, probably, found the true friend. And not just anywhere, but in Iran!
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24 September 2013 9:34
Criminal silence of the West
On the blessed land of Egypt began to flow blood again. Usurpers taking power by force, began cynical shooting of peaceful protesters, the speakers for the reinstatement of the democratically elected president, among them women, children and the elderly
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23 September 2013 16:35
Famous people who converted to Islam (video)
Politicians and public figures, sportsmen and musicians, all of them at different times accepted Islam
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23 September 2013 12:45
Are we alone in this world? (Part 1)
Jinn, is a word not completely unheard of by English speakers. Notice the similarity between Jinn and Genii. TV and the movies have all played their part in depicting genies as playful creatures able to fulfill all of humankind’s wishes
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20 September 2013 14:55
Another terrorist attack, but without the "Islamic trail"
In the USA the next tragedy. According to news reports, on Monday evening in one of the buildings of the Navy Yard in Washington, DC (District of Columbia) was opened shooting that killed 12 people. The number of wounded is specified
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20 September 2013 11:00
Arab countries in the global index of charity
World Charity Index - a composite indicator that measures the achievements of countries in the world in terms of the ratio of their population to the charity. Such an index developed by a British international charity organization Charities Aid Formation
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19 September 2013 16:07
"Make the homeless smile": Promotion of young Muslims (video)
A group of young Muslims in the United States bought the products, collected unwanted clothes and went out to at least one of those in need ... smile! So young Muslims to help the homeless, spreading the message of mercy to their religion
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19 September 2013 9:15
Geopolitics and the future of Islam
  According to the forecasts of the information project "Russian Trend" (rostend.su) from 2015 to 2020 there will be a change some of the fundamental positions in the balance of world power centers. At the moment on the world political arena has the following centres of power:
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17 September 2013 17:47
Mockery of the Hijab
On the website ProKazan.ru published an article - an experiment that was conducted by a journalist of the site. The essence of the experiment was to put two kinds of Muslim clothing and compare the reaction of others.
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17 September 2013 9:45
Changes in the Holy city
Eight new tunnels are under construction in the holy city of Mecca for the free flow of pilgrims and vehicles
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16 September 2013 14:45
Pussy Riot: from the shamelessness to the blasphemy
Five girls at the end of February of the last year came to the temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow, and, wearing masks, conducted the so-called "punk prayer". The video of the speech was posted on the Internet and caused a great public resonance
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13 September 2013 16:15
Time management in the Muslim
One of the urgent problems of religious practices of Muslims is untimely fulfillment of prayers. Work, home affairs, unforeseen circumstances - even without the internal resistance of the nafs reasons for delaying the prayer "for later" enough
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13 September 2013 9:37
Arab League: any whim for our money
The behavior of the U.S. and its Arab allies continues to amaze the world. Throughout the time of the Syrian conflict political statements by the leaders of Western countries and the Arab League caused confusion or sarcastic chuckle from that part of the world’s population that does not believe that the jihadists who blowing up the minarets of the oldest mosques
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12 September 2013 16:15
Hijab vs Niqab
Recently, some people say that the wearing of the hijab and niqab is not ordered in the Quran, it is allegedly not from Islam. We decided to clarify the position on this issue, Islam as a whole and, in particular, our, the Hanafi school of thought
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12 September 2013 12:25
Migrants as a risk factor
The media widely discussed the problems associated with the increasing flow of migrants coming to Russia from CIS countries
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11 September 2013 15:49
11/9 - There are more questions than answers
Today marks the twelve years of the tragic date of the horrific terrorist attack, the like of which the Americans had not known. I will not say that the rest of the world did not know. Residents of Japan, Vietnam, Africa and the Middle East, and many other places in the world will tell you that they have experienced a much larger scale of human cruelty and barbarism, not comparable with the American tragedy.
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11 September 2013 9:53
Silence is golden
According to studies, women talk three times more than men. A woman speaks about 20,000 words per day, 13,000 more than men. Women also speak faster than men and get pleasure from the talk.
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10 September 2013 16:49
Health Gift Of God
The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "People do not know the price of the two gifts of the Most High. First - the free time, the second - the health”.
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10 September 2013 14:49
Arab countries in terms of quality of life in 2013
Research Center, The Economist published a study "Rating cities in the world in terms of quality of life in 2013" (Global Liveability 2013).
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09 September 2013 16:07
What for Muslim woman is sweeter than honey?
What is sweeter than honey in the world? Maybe someone will answer cake, cakes, chocolates ... And for me there is no sweeter dhikr - remembrance and praise of Allah Almighty
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09 September 2013 9:35
Composition of vitamins
We decided to check which components are included in vitamins
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06 September 2013 14:35
Muslim countries in Africa - the world leaders in economic growth
The economies of the BRICS is not on the rise. These data were published by the International Monetary Fund. The countries are the world’s engine of economic growth, significantly slowed their development
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06 September 2013 9:49
Total control
Ceased to be the product of a sick mind or fiction, many everyday phenomena in human life. What was once considered a miracle today is achieved by scientific and technological progress
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04 September 2013 15:30
Judging by the situation, it is better to go to Bukhara for knowledge
Uzbekistan differs from a number of countries around the world where in 2012 decreased production and delivery of services. In Uzbekistan, the gross domestic product (GDP) for January - December 2012 amounted to 96.589 trillion. sums, ie increased by 8.2%
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04 September 2013 12:15
Obama gangster-style
American leg on the table demonstrates the devil-may-care attitude to the rest of the world (including the UN Security Council), challenges to mankind. Yes, Obama is cool...
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04 September 2013 9:40
How to please the dear husband?
A Muslim woman must know how to win the heart of her beloved husband. Here are some important tips:
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03 September 2013 12:21
Forgiveness of the friends of Allah
Ibrahim ibn Adham worshiped Allah in uninhabited wilderness. This place was far from residential settlements and close to the cemetery
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02 September 2013 9:47
Islamic future for Western Europe
Soon, Western Europe will become Muslim. Such is the forecast of the likely development of European history in the first half of the 21st century
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01 September 2013 11:25
The story of how a typical American policeman accepted Islam
I am a typical American in many ways that are reflected in both my professional and personal lives. Professionally, I am a supervisor with a major police department, and I have been in the military, both active duty and in the reserves for the majority of my adult life
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01 September 2013 9:45
Namaz slows down the process of human aging
Five-time prayer helps produce a special hormone serotonin, which is responsible for the sensation of human happiness. In addition, the movement committed during the prayer
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