21 November 2013 11:15
British Muslims bought another Church
In England, the Muslims purchased another vacant church. The Methodist Jersey community - a small island off the coast of the UK - sold temple for 425 thousand pounds sterling. According to the leader of the Muslim community Safar Jamali
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20 November 2013 17:25
Muslim prayer during pregnancy
A pregnant woman (as well as not pregnant) must pray until she’s conscious. However, Shariah is soft in relation to patients, such as pregnant women, how to pray
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20 November 2013 14:15
How to avoid the husband’s wrath?
Every man is a personality with his own character, habits, and his perception of the world. Muslim woman should be able to find the key to her husband, she needs to learn to be very sensitive to know what is going to like her husband, and what is not. Sometimes it will take many years, but it’s worth it
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19 November 2013 12:15
Humans and nonhumans
November 17, as soon as it became aware of a plane crash at the Kazan airport in a number of TV channels ethereal grid changes have been made. In particular, the show game KVN was canceled, which was scheduled for Sunday evening
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18 November 2013 17:37
The tragedy in Kazan
A terrible tragedy occurred yesterday, November 17, at 7:25p.m. at the Kazan International Airport. Aircraft “Boeing 737-500” Airline “Tatarstan”, coming from Domodedovo to Kazan, and carrying out flight number 363, crashed during landing
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18 November 2013 11:49
The Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin expresses his condolences in connection with the plane crash that occurred at the Kazan airport
Bismillyahi Rahmani Rahim! On behalf of the Muslims of Tatarstan and myself, I would like to extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who perished during the tragedy at the airport of Kazan, which occurred on November 17
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18 November 2013 10:35
Money or Knowledge?
Every person who can afford the tuition, continuing education and complete it as a PhD and an MA in individual subjects, but the hadith says: "Every Muslim". What is the difference between a Muslim and non-Muslim, if we all acquire the same knowledge? The emphasis on "every Muslim" in this hadith indicates knowledge
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15 November 2013 16:49
Cleanliness in Islam
The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and greet him, said: “Cleanliness is half of faith!” Also, in another hadith: “Allah loves the clean and pure”. Cleanliness is essential to life and well-being. You can reach it by following these seven rules
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14 November 2013 14:45
Indian film star Shah Rukh Khan talks about what it means to be a Muslim in the world after September 11
Islam came to India in 7-8 centuries, Islam in India is as old as Islam in the world. About 19% of the population profess Islam in India, and these are people whose ancestors converted to Islam. However, time and again, the Muslims of India have to prove that they are the members of the Hindu society too
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13 November 2013 10:15
What to do if you have a disaster or you suddenly fallen ill?
Necessary to turn to God and read the du’a. You can appeal to God in your own language, as in this case, fully aware of what you beg the Creator. First, you must commit a ritual ablution, stand facing the Kaaba, and raising your hands to thank God for His mercy and to express your gratitude
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11 November 2013 17:07
Elements of raising a child
Proper upbringing of a child is an art, which is worth to learn long before the birth of children. In this article I will outline only some important components of the “educational process
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11 November 2013 10:47
Earn money in a halal way
We live in a very material and cynical world. Unfortunately, everything revolves around money, and all eventually converge to them. In the last decade there has been a significant increase in inflation. The prices of basic necessities of life are increasing
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08 November 2013 11:49
7 steps of true repentance
The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said that true repentance involves seven actions to overcome the consequences of sin
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08 November 2013 11:07
What is the appeal of the Muslim wedding?
From year to year, by the grace of Almighty, the ranks of newcomers to Islam are replenished by boys and girls. Accordingly, increases the number of those who spend their wedding, according to the canons of the Shariah.  How lively and exciting wedding ceremony takes place in the Muslim
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01 November 2013 12:07
Modesty and chastity in Islam
The contemporaries of the Prophet (peace be upon him) tried to change the relationship between men and women in accordance with the laws of God. These relations were characterized by diffidence, chastity, understanding, refinement
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31 October 2013 16:45
The beauty standard "HALAL"
Every day the market surprises us with a variety and availability of halal goods. And even non-Muslims are aware that the concept of “Halal” refers not only to food but also to many other groups of goods and services. Although the fact of the existence of Halal cosmeticsdewildered some people
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31 October 2013 11:15
Business ethics in Islam
Past experience has shown the effectiveness of common ethical standards of business ethics. And today there are a number of benefits that could be provided in case a common business practice among Muslims of different nationalities and regions, the adoption of Muslim entrepreneurs of Russia unified business ethics
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30 October 2013 15:37
Islamic Proper Hijab
Nowdays, we can observe how many sisters do not fully respect the proper Islamic hijab - do not cover neck, throat (front part of the neck) and even bust
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30 October 2013 9:49
What to do? Darwin’s theory does not leave me alone!
I am a student of a secular educational institution with a humanitarian bent. We have a lot of subjects, and in the classroom is very often mentioned about Darwin’s theory. I was a supporter of this pseudoscience from the school, now is a staunch opponent. But still, when we are taught "it" from different angles, arbitrarily there are images and thoughts. How to deal with them?
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28 October 2013 16:07
Infertility is not a sentence. Valuable tips
When a Muslim couple gets married, the young people live quietly a few weeks, then questions begin: “She’s already pregnant?” In many Muslim countries have kids at once considered normal. Many couples report good news, which others expect of them, within a year or two years from the date of the marriage. But for others it does not happen so soon
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25 October 2013 15:45
Drop against ocean
Almighty Allah says in the Qur’an: “He (Allah) created man from a drop”. In Sura “Believers” it is also described the sequence of transformation of drops in a person
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24 October 2013 15:37
European degradation
Again, the news from the good old England. According to the newspaper The Times, the Catholic community of Birmingham sold the St. Peter’s Church, located in the city Kobridzh (Staffordshire), for 80,000 pounds to the local Muslim community. As faithful expained, built in the 30’s of the temple is almost empty, so it was decided to sell
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24 October 2013 15:35
Islamophobia of Hollywood
Activists of the "Council on American-Islamic Relations" (CAIR) - the largest organization in the United States, protecting the rights of American Muslims - distributed in the network 158-page report on Islamophobia, deliberately spread by various public agencies and groups among American citizens
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18 October 2013 16:10
Dua and its acceptance
Dua is the weapon of mu’min (believer). Mu'min talks to Allah directly through dua. In the dua he asks Allah to solve his problem or give him what he wants to his heart. Allah hears every dua uttered by true believers
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18 October 2013 12:37
Are we alone in this world? (Part 3)
We are not alone! This statement sounds a little like an ad for a science fiction movie. It could be just that, but it is not
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17 October 2013 11:15
Girls who want to get married, or how to find a person - based on lectures of Dov Heller
It is not secret that in recent years, particularly in Tatarstan often split up young Muslim families. This unpleasant trend has many reasons, one of which is the hasty decision of the young about the marriage, and without having learned each other. And when in the family life the spouses face the disappointment, for example
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16 October 2013 16:15
A True Muslim
The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) asked his Ummah to treat each other with kindness and wish only peace. Any good word, deed and even a smile - charity, and for that Allah has prepared a great reward. Every time, when a Muslim asks Allah for another man, the angels pray to Allah, that He bestowed upon the believer the same that he asks for another
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16 October 2013 11:45
The West on the edge of a precipice, or humanity in general?
European expert and analytical community notes with pessimism that in several years the Europeans will have to deal with the problems that have recently seemed unreal. The optimism of the post-war era, caused by industrial growth and booming consumption, long ago passed into oblivion. Europeans recognise that Western Europe as civilization was on the verge of anarchy and subsequent extinction
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14 October 2013 15:35
The United States change its policy in the middle East?
Historically, the proud children of the Arabian desert had boundless energy and do not miss a chance to show their heroism. This feature of the national character of the Arabs once was highly praised by Western colonialists who sought to finally bury the Muslim civilization. West managed to direct the destructive power of the Arabs against the Ottoman Empire, and it fell
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14 October 2013 10:17
The Ideal Muslim Husband
The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "A Muslim should not hate a Muslim woman, because if he does not like any of her traits, he will be satisfied with another" (Muslim)
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11 October 2013 16:49
New trends of American morals: from religion to promiscuity
Everything is interconnected in this world. The high level of religiosity is typical for countries with high public trust their government. But the reverse is true. This is evidenced by recent sociological surveys in the US. For example, Americans no longer trust their government
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11 October 2013 12:15
Real picture of Islam
Islam came to create a community of believers, but as long as we decorate our mosques gold and silver, our ranks remain empty.  Islam came to teach us about God, and, despite wearing his words on our necklaces and decoration of our homes, our hearts remain indifferent, and our lives do not change
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10 October 2013 15:45
The French lie about secularism
After Mayuelya Waltz - Minister of Internal Affairs of France - and his most important battle against Muslim women in headscarves, Vincent Peillon - France’s education minister - found it necessary to introduce in French schools "Charter of secular education", in fact, a circular against Muslims. At that time the cover is the principle of secularism
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10 October 2013 11:45
The future belongs to someone who is more intelligent?
According to the experts of the international group for the monitoring of the level of intellectual and professional development (OECD) knowledge, skills and professional competencies, which has the population of one country or another, became the main currency of the 21st century
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09 October 2013 16:15
Brave U.S. whistleblower ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden
29-year-old former CIA officer put the U.S. government in a very unpleasant situation. After the publication of the documents proving total surveillance of Americans, both their own and foreign citizens via the Internet communications around the world have been protests and demands on the U.S. administration to immediately cover up the appropriate program PRISM
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09 October 2013 11:37
Madonna attended cultural respect Muslims
Us media excitedly reported that the singer Madonna began studying the Holy Quran and in the near future is going to adopt Islam. All under the influence of his new friend, 25-years-old Brahim Zaibat
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09 October 2013 9:25
"Jihadists" as a tool of imperialism
Article of Italian journalist Gigi Riva, published in the journal "Espresso" provides an interesting view of the famous Swiss Professor of theology and philosophy Tariq Ramadan about the true motives of the Syrian crisis. According to Professor Ramadan
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08 October 2013 17:45
It turns out that Charles Darwin was aware of the failure of his theory
It is well known that biology is a system of Sciences, objects of study which are living beings and their interaction with the environment. Biology studies the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution of living organisms. Classifies and describes the living creatures, the origin of species, interactions with each other and with the environment
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08 October 2013 14:15
APEC: the disturbing summit
In a rather difficult situation Economic Leaders Summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) began its work in Denpasar, Indonesia. The instability of the global economy, the government crisis in the United States, in which Obama canceled his visit to the summit, the difficult situation in the Middle East and a number of other global problems of our time does not facilitate the work of the summit
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07 October 2013 10:15
U.S. surpassed Hitler
The current geopolitical situation, by some indicators, incidentally, much worse than before the Second world war. Remember the history? For this, we compare the behavior of Nazi Germany on the eve of the Second World War with the behavior of the United States of America ...
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