27 August 2014 13:55
No Burkinis! Morocco hotels ban ‘halal’ suit
Some private pools in Morocco’s tourism hot spots have banned women from wearing burkinis, sometimes described as halal swim-suits, which cover the body and have a head covering attached
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27 August 2014 11:38
Traits of Al Mustafa (pbuh): his blessed hands
The impulse for writing this article came from a conversation with a colleague who told me that while sitting with other colleagues, he had heard one of them repeat the statement that the Prophet, may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him, was an ordinary human being like the rest of us, except that Allah had given him the Qur’ân
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27 August 2014 11:20
Celebrations in Gaza after truce
Celebratory gunfire erupted in Gaza Tuesday after a long-term truce agreed between Israel and the Palestinians went into effect, aimed at ending 50 days of bloodshed
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26 August 2014 10:24
Masjid Al-Aqsa in Islamic history
Masjid al-Aqsa has a rich history. It is intimately linked with Prophetic history, not of one but numerous prophets. It was first built by the Prophet Ibrahim (as) years after he built the Ka‘aba with his first son Ismail (as)
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26 August 2014 10:17
US Muslim groups drive for better world
A number of American Islamic and interfaith organizations have been included in a list published by Huffington Post as examples of how faith-based groups are doing good in the world today and how their belief is a major vehicle for service to the world and peace promotion
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26 August 2014 10:14
The birthplace of Islam in Britain
The first mosque founded in England, which has stood as a derelict shell for many years, has been refurbished and reopened to Merseyside’s 20,000 Muslims. But how did it come to be there in the first place?
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25 August 2014 15:58
Signs of the times, the End Times
The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) foretold 72 signs that would appear near the Day of Doom
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25 August 2014 15:54
In The U.K., Muslim Women Don The Veil To Declare Faith Amidst Intolerance
When youth worker Sumreen Farooq was abused in a London street, the 18-year-old decided it was time to take a stand - and she started to wear a headscarf
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25 August 2014 15:52
5 steps to effective communication
Most of our interaction with others whether it your colleagues, your employees, a spouse, or the person behind the counter, involve communication. If you’re an introvert the very idea of having to communicate with someone other than for necessity probably proves daunting
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21 August 2014 11:06
Dubai in the list of world's top 10 most influential cities
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21 August 2014 10:56
Malcolm X's Former Mosque Promotes Interfaith Ties
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21 August 2014 10:54
Grand Mufti, Saudi's Top Islamic Leader: Islamic State And Al-Qaeda Are 'Enemy Number One Of Islam'
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20 August 2014 10:12
Gaza negotiations doomed to failure as long as Israeli ‘stubbornness’ persists
The latest Israeli assault – which has claimed 2,000 members of the Gaza community (overwhelmingly civilian) – was always designed to destabilise the Palestinian political process towards sovereignty and self-determination. The violence has achieved just that, and in the process, slowed the struggle for Palestinian liberation. Tel Aviv and the Palestinian political leadership, who have spent the past 21 years negotiating the process, are now not discussing the future but locked in on-and-off discussions to resolve the latest assault
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20 August 2014 10:08
Duas for protection the Muslims
The manifestation of this verse in today’s world is apparent in the carnage, massacre and holocaust carried out by the apartheid regime of Israel in the holy land of Gaza and Palestine. In Syria and surroundings, we witness the enemies of Islam, the Shias, Alawis and the disbelievers and what they have done to the Holy land of Shaam. In the heartland of Africa, the Central African Republic and Somalia, the Christians have perpetrated crimes against the Muslims. The Hindus of Kashmir, for many years are running a mock. In Myanmar, Burma the Bhuddists have committed untold atrocities against Muslims. In certain parts of China Muslims aren’t allowed to freely practice Islam
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19 August 2014 11:01
Words Take Flight in Persian Calligraphy at Sackler Gallery
Opening September 13, 'Nastaliq: The Genious of Persian Calligraphy' is the first exhibition on Persia’s most popular and visually stunning script.
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19 August 2014 10:31
The Prophet’s (pbuh) favorite color and turban
The color most pleasing to Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) was green, while some said it was white. With respect to clothing, the Prophet (peace be upon him) encouraged men to wear white in numerous hadiths. Thus, according to the sunnah, it is preferred to wear white, as well as black and green
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19 August 2014 10:28
Lebanese lawyer Amal Alamuddin to wed actor George Clooney
British Lebanese Human Rights Lawyer Amal Ramzi Alamuddin, 36, will marry American Hollywood film actor and two-time Academy Award winner (acting and producing) George Timothy Clooney, 52. The two filed formal documents, required under British law 16 days prior to a wedding. The couple indicated on the form that their wedding will take place in Italy
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18 August 2014 10:46
Muslim residents sue U.S. over citizenship denials
Five long-time U.S. residents who are Muslim or from Muslim-majority countries sued the federal government on Thursday, saying the Department of Homeland Security was unfairly denying or delaying requests for citizenship and permanent residency on vague security grounds. The plaintiffs, all immigrants who are either practicing Muslims or are from predominantly Muslim nations, complain their immigration or naturalization petitions were illegally thwarted after they were flagged for potential national security concerns under a federal program
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18 August 2014 10:42
Imam Shortage Crimps U.S. Mosques
Many Muslim immigrants have steered their children away from religious leadership roles and toward careers in medicine, engineering, law and business, said Jihad Turk, an imam and president of Bayan Claremont, the Islamic graduate school at Claremont School of Theology in Southern California. Many American mosques are run on shoestring budgets by volunteers and can't always guarantee a leader a steady paycheck
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18 August 2014 10:33
Why are so many people obsessed with Muslim women’s wardrobes?
If someone asked you to list the most sinister developments of our time, I guess a few of us would say the atom bomb, warfare, the HIV virus, global hunger and terrorism. But what dear readers is even more sinister than disease, destruction and death? Come on, have a guess. Go on, I dare you, don’t go all politically correct on me now. Why, of course! It’s the burka and niqab, the full face veil that some Muslim women wear. Don’t pretend you didn’t want to add that to the list
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15 August 2014 10:37
Native American Indians Take a Stand For Gaza
The parallels to the plight of the Palestinian people and Native Americans have been drawn by many. Speaking in San Francisco, Tony Gonzales of the American Indian Movement (AIM), ”with a common legacy of bantustans (homelands) – Indian reservations and encircled Palestinian territories – Native Americans understand well the situation of Palestinians.”
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14 August 2014 10:18
60 ways to keep your wife happy
Prophet salallahu alahi wasallam described the wife as a fragile vessel and said to take care of this vessel thats fragile. Remember that there is goodness in this vessel so treat it gently
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14 August 2014 10:16
I converted to Islam in a way because of my mother: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Popular music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja has finally broken his silence over his conversion to the Islam religion
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13 August 2014 17:27
China: Islam is still on the rise, despite the repression
The road to Linxia, in China’s vast, sere northwest, is known locally as the Quran Belt, with a profusion of newly built mosques and Sufi shrines lining the motorway. Some are built in a traditional Chinese style, with pagoda-like eaves; others, with their green tiled domes, echo Middle Eastern architecture.
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13 August 2014 11:16
The sunnas of shopping and dealing
The most virtuous of the believers is the one who makes things easier in his shopping, paying his debt and demanding his debt. (Tabarani) Be careful! Some portion of people pay their debt nicely and demand their debt nicely, they do not hurt people. On the other hand, some people pay their debt badly, they hurt people; they demand their debt badly. They will be treated in the same way in the hereafter. Be careful! Some people pay their debt badly and demand their debt badly
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13 August 2014 11:14
Faith in Islamic finance on the rise in non-Muslim world
For the second consecutive year, the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD), the private sector development arm of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), presents findings from the Islamic Finance Development Indicator, developed in collaboration with Thomson Reuters
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12 August 2014 10:28
Dutch Mosque Leaders Call For Tolerance Towards Jewish 'Brothers'
As tensions rise in the Middle East, mosque groups in the Netherlands are calling for tolerance from their congregations, specifically for Jewish "brothers of the holy book," according to Dutch weekly magazine Elsevier. The Council of Mosques and the Union of Moroccan Mosques Netherlands expressed their concern about recent incidents of anti-Semitism most likely connected to emotions running high about the current Gaza conflict
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12 August 2014 9:58
Gaza crisis appeal
The escalation in the conflict between Israel and Hamas has caused the humanitarian situation in Gaza to reach crisis point. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes and are in desperate need of food, water and shelter
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11 August 2014 16:12
'Mecca 3D' App Takes You On A Virtual Hajj
Observant Muslims plan to visit the holy city of Mecca at least once in their lifetimes to complete the Hajj, a pilgrimage considered to be a religious obligation. However, it's now possible for anyone to make the trip, courtesy of technology and the "Mecca 3D" app
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11 August 2014 15:32
Mosques in Europe - European Mosques?
Born and raised in the formerly industrial Ruhr Area in Germany Ahmed Eckhard Krausen is a freelance photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Despite completing his education as a mechanical technician in 1989 and an ensuing career in mechanical engineering, he felt challenged and inspired to learn and pursue the art of photography. His artistic angle has been inspired by his position as a European Muslim convert.
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11 August 2014 13:42
Ten Strengths of the Muslim Personality
It is well known and understood that Islam is a holistic system that impacts all areas of a person’s life. We hear this a lot but many times it is difficult to know exactly what it means and how it plays out in our lives. On this topic Imam Hasan al-Banna has a beautiful, terse, but dense statement. He mentions that the first thing that the Muslim should be concerned with is the reform of herself or himself. Then he says
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11 August 2014 13:29
The Amazing Quran
One thing which surprises non-Muslims who are examining the book very closely is that the Quran does not appear to them to be what they expected. What they assume is that they have an old book which came fourteen centuries ago from the Arabian desert; and they expect that the book should look something like that - an old book from the desert. And then they find out that it does not resemble what they expected at all. Additionally, one of the first things that some people assume is that because it is an old book which comes from the desert, it should talk about the desert
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25 March 2014 15:54
What Should A Woman Avoid In Her Family Life?
The owner of the complexes, who often finds pleasure in the constant soul-searching to find that in her life, and that in her is wrong and does not correspond to the ideal, is often sad and depressed spirit
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17 March 2014 11:49
774 Football Team Will Take Part In The Muslim-Christian Youth Championship
Ernest Yuzhdibanu, National Coordinator of the NGO Rainbow Unity and Peace Development said on said Wednesday that 774 football teams will participate in the 1st Muslim-Christian youth Championship in 2014
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17 March 2014 9:48
Kazan Will Become The Official Northern Capital Of The Muslim World
Kazan has always played a special role in preserving and spreading Islam, as one of the cultural centers for Muslims around the world. It is associated with Kazan the brightest pages of the history of Islamic religious thought, philosophy, Islamic education, typography
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18 February 2014 14:49
Mexican Christians Leave Catholicism, Turn To Islam
Although Catholicism has been the dominant religion in Mexico for five centuries, the number of Catholics had fallen to 82.7 percent, from 96.7 in 1970, according to the Pew Research Center
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17 February 2014 16:35
Jews Were Allowed To Return, Forgot About Muslims
According to the newspaper "Daily Telegraph", Jews whose ancestors were expelled from Spain by the decision of the court of Inquisition of 1492, will be allowed to have dual citizenship
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14 February 2014 16:07
The People of These 9 Countries Are Facing Really Scary Water Shortages
From California to China, government leaders are declaring water insecurity a security issue. Conflict has already broken out in several countries and the potential for more violence has reached a boiling point
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13 February 2014 16:35
Robots To Replace Human Laborers 'In 10 Years'
Artificial intelligence and robots are expected to replace humans in the next 10 years, an expert revealed at the United Arab Emirates Government Summit on Tuesday
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12 February 2014 12:48
First-Ever Photos Of Jerusalim On Display In Washington
There are few places in the world that are contested as Jerusalem and the city has once again been highlighted in an exhibition in Washington’s Smithsonian museum showcasing the earliest photos ever taken of the Holy City
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