04 October 2012 11:30
Vafa Yarullin: “Talgat Tadgutdin wanted to remove me from the post of mufti, but he couldn’t”
“The Head mufti” Talgat Tadgutdin signed a decree on removing from the post of the mufti of Vladimir region Vafa Yarullin and promoted imam Damir Timerbulatov. This news have stirred muslim society, which has flatly refused to accept it. It was mufti Vafa hazrat Yarullin who told Islam-today.ru everything in detail.
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03 October 2012 11:24
Translating Koran into Tatar
The idea of the Koran translation institute formation was supported by the scientists and religious workers, who were the members of the roundtable discussion «Traditions of the Holy Koran commentary among Tatars». In fact, the idea is only about to be happen. There was nothing, but acclamation. We have to hope that it will became the key theme of the following meeting. Here is the main points of the first  roundtable discussion.
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03 October 2012 11:14
Hadj 2012 in Tatarstan: the problems and achievements
Hadj is coming soon. The documents receiving for those wishing to make a Hadj this year through Spiritual directory of Muslims of Tatarstan is over. The times, when going to Hadj required several years, even a life sometimes, when the pilgrimes went to Mecca on foot, riding on asses, on decrepit boats, venuring their lives, have passed. About the help to go on Hadj told he Head of the International department Spiritual directory of Muslims of Tatarstan Khabibulla Nafisullin.
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28 September 2012 11:06
Almaz hazrat Sharifullin: “Some, who has no refer to Islam, take right to discredit the mufti of Tatarstan”
The e-mail from the imam-mukhtasib of the Chistopol region of Tatarstan  Almaz hazrat Sharifullin  came to the mailbox of Information analysis Federal portal “IslamToday” (info@islam-today.ru).
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28 September 2012 10:53
Why Penza region needs 5 Spiritual directories of muslims?
Penza region is the native land of  prominent Tatar figures like scientist Musa Bigi (the scientists of ahlu-sunna do not considered him as a Muslim), classics of Tatar literature Zakir Bigiev, Adele Kutuy, Karim Tinchurin. Moreover, this region was always the centre of active religious life. There is the biggest village in Russia - The middle Yeluzan with 8 mosques. The region community managed to bring up about dozen of well-known Islamic Mufties. Recently in Penza region significant event happened. Upon an initiative of imams and support of the Head Mufti Talgat Tadjutdinov akhunlik was organized. The imam-hatib of the village Bistan Islam Davidov was elected as akhun.
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27 September 2012 10:49
Said Djaffar Lutfullin: “Muslims insulting each other gets becoming usual thing. In some cases there are even threats to life…”
Islam is against insulting and offending people, not sharing Muslims’ believes, considering that such insults have nothing in common with true faith. Islam blames those, who insult and wound people’s feelings and without any cause accuse in lack of faith and in other sins. In the context of Koran, such  attitude bring about nothing, but hatred, enmity, difficulties and bloody confrontation.
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