What Were The Warriors Of Islam?


The army of the Ottoman Sultan Salim went to the Egyptian campaign. Passing through fruitful orchards and grape land, it was decided to stop for a rest.

"I wonder, could any of my soldiers without permission of the owners, to take anything out of gardens, we passed? After all, there were such beautiful ripe apples and grapes", - thought Sultan Salim. After thinking a little more, he invited the commander of the corps of Janissaries and ordered:

- Check the personal belongings of all soldiers. If someone in the reserve there is an apple or grape immediately bring him to me!

The army was large and execution of the order took several hours. Then came the commander of Janissaries and said:

"Oh, my ruler! We searched all things, but haven't found grape bunches, and apples. Moreover, we visited the gardens and on the way to our destination and not found anywhere fresh traces of plucked fruits".

Hearing this the Sultan was very glad to finally, doubts and bad thoughts left him, and his soul is at peace again.

Sultan Salim opened his arms and said: "Oh, Allah! I am endlessly praise Thee, my Lord, and to You I Express my gratitude! You have given me the army who beware eat haram. If only one of my men took something from the garden without permission, I would abandon the campaign, decided to go back".

Then turning to the commander of the Janissaries he said:

- It is impossible to win with the army who eats haram!


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