The Unique Success Of The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) In The Fight Against Alcohol Dependency


The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) drew the attention of the world's leading researchers that in a short time he (peace be upon him) has achieved a unique success in uprooting the habit of drinking. How did he do it?

In recent years, due to political revolutions in the Islamic world appear optimistic mood. However, we are under the illusion that things will get better by itself.

Judging by some published reports, the social structure in the Islamic world does not bring positive results. Health statistics for 2010 the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Eurostat statistics database and the World Health Organization notes that in the Middle East and Turkey, where live predominantly Muslim, "increased rates of alcohol consumption".

The Economist magazine evaluating the data collected from different sources, states: "In the Muslim countries in the period 2001-2011 increased consumption of alcohol at 72 percent".

Alcoholic drinks - era habit of ignorance

Caliph Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said: "If Islam grow a generation that will mimic jahil (epoch of ignorance), all parts of Islam will break down one by one".

Today we see it. Generation that does not know how Islam had been established in the world and that it has changed, suggests that the ancient habits of Ignorance are the new fashion.

In fact, intoxicating drinks which are made as a result of oxidation of raisins, dates, honey, wheat, barley were known thousands of years ago. In the first century, when the Prophet (peace be upon him) blessed the world with his presence, all over the globe was widespread use of alcoholic beverages.

Production and sale of wine existed in Saudi Arabia in different ways. Grapes, dates grown in the vineyards and date palms in Medina, Taif, Khaybar, produced wine. The Yemeni people produced alcoholic drinks from such grain like barley, maize and wheat, as well as honey.

In the same century, when merchants tribe of Quraish organized banquets for drinking and celebrating became "a good' tradition", the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) graced this world with his birth. 

The Prophet (peace be upon him) succeeded what America could not do!

The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) did not come in the society that does not know what is alcohol. He appeared at a moment when, like today, celebrations and partying with alcoholic drinks were mass culture of the society.

Americans have banned the use of alcoholic beverages in order to protect his people from its injury. However, they failed to prevent illegal production and consumption of alcoholic beverages. When in 1933 the ban was lifted, an American professor said:

"The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with the help of the Quran could ban alcohol and for centuries have kept large numbers of people from the harm of alcohol. A similar result was not reached in the XX century in enlightened America, despite all kinds of propaganda and scientific progress". (Professor Julius Hirsch: A Textbook of Health. Istanbul, № 34, page 242)

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) practiced sanctions against drinking 

The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) established measures of punishment for those caught on the use of intoxicating drinks. 

Struggle with alcohol and drugs should be the main aims and principles of Islam: the preservation of life, property, mind, kind and religion. With this harmful habit, which harms the health, financial condition, closes minds, alienates people from religion and destroys future generations, should be combated in all respects.


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