The narrative of how Abu ad-Darda accepted Islam

The narrative of how Abu ad-Darda accepted Islam

The narrative of how Abu ad-Darda accepted Islam

Narrated by al-Waqidi: "Abu ad-Darda was one of those who accepted Islam later everyone in his tribe. He continued to worship his idol, and even sewed for him a special kerchief. Abdullah ibn Ravaha did not stop to call him to Islam, but he persisted. Yet in the period of Jahiliyyah Abdullah and Abu ad-Darda were brothers. And then Abdullah somehow came to Abu ad-Darda. He waited until he came out of the house, he followed him in a hurry went into the house at that moment, when the wife of Abu ad-Darda was brushing her hair. He asked her:

- Where is Abu ad-Darda ?

- Your brother just got out – said the wife of Abu ad-Darda.

Then Abdullah came into the room, in which there was an idol, holding an adze. He dropped the idol on the floor and began to hack it to pieces, saying poetry in which he referred to all the devils, saying that all that is worshiped besides Allah – false. Having finished the case Abdullah came out. Hearing the sound of shredding idol wife of Abu ad-Darda began to wail, "You killed me, O Ibn Ravaha ..." And Abdullah left the house, as if nothing had happened, on the way he met Abu ad-Darda. He went into the house and found his wife sitting and crying about what has happened.

- What is the matter?

- Abu ad-Darda asked her.

- Your brother Abdullah ibn Ravaha came to us in your absence - she said - and that's what he'd done, see for yourself.

Abu ad-Darda angered terribly, but calmed down and thought, he said: «If in this idol was good, he always defended himself». He immediately together with Abdullah ibn Ravaha went to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). There Abu ad-Darda announced his acceptance of Islam”.

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