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Omar Khayyam - the great Persian philosopher, poet and mathematician, he died on December 4, 1131, but his wisdom lives for centuries. Omar Khayyam - Eastern philosopher, every person heard about him on this planet, in all religions Omar Khayyam is studied in school and higher education. His creations - Rubaiyat - quatrains, wise, and at the same time with humor, initially were twofold sense. Rubaiyat talk about what not to say out loud in plain text.

Omar Khayyam's quotes about life and human

• The lower the soul of a person, the higher the nose up. He stretches his nose to where the soul has not grown.

• One only knows what smell roses. Another of the bitter herbs will produce honey. Give bread to one - will remember for ever. Donate another life - do not understand.

• In one window watching the two. One saw the rain and mud. Other - green foliage ligature, Spring and the sky is blue.

• We source of joy and sorrow mine. We container are an abomination and a clear spring. People like in the mirror world of many faces. It is void and yet immensely great!

• Who was beaten in his life, he will do more. Having eaten a peck of salt above appreciates honey. who shed tears, he laughs heartily. who was dying, he knows that he lives.

• How often in life when you make mistakes. Lose those who cherish. Strangers like trying. Sometimes in the middle run. Pray that those who we should not. And the most faithful betraying. The fact is, who left us, we again go for help.

• Do not envy someone who is strong and rich. The dawn always comes sunset.

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

Omar Khayyam's quotes about love

• To live life wisely ought to know quite a few. Two important rules to remember to start with: you better starve than that horrible and better be alone than with anyone.

• You can seduce a man, who has a wife, you can seduce a man who has a mistress, but you can not seduce a man who has a beloved woman.

• The rose that once has bloomed forever dies.

• When you have planted, the rose of Love into your heart, your life has not been in vain.

I came to sage and asked him:

"What is love? He said, "Nothing"

But, I know a lot of books written:

Eternity write one, and others - that moment

That darkened by fire, then melt like snow,

What is love? "It's a man!"

And then I looked him straight in the face,

How you understand me? "All or Nothing?"

He said smiling: "You yourself gave the answer!:

"All or nothing" - there is no middle!"


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