The Amazing Ability Of Imam Al-Bukhari


Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ismail ibn Ibrahim ibn Mughira ibn al-Bardizba al-Ju Phi al-Bukhari was born on Friday (after Friday prayers) 13th Shawwal 194-year. Imam al-Bukhari rahimahullah, was born blind. And his mother read him a lot of dua, until one day he saw in a dream Ibrahim, peace be upon him, who pleased her that Allah restored vision to her son because of her prayers.

Imam al-Bukhari rahimahullah, started listening to hadith in 205, the year when he was about 11 years. And in 16 years he has learned Abdullah ibn Mubarak collection, rahimahullah, and Waki rahimahullah.

When the Imam was 11 years old, he attended a lesson of Imam Dakhla rahimahullah, who aired the following hadith isnad: Sufyan from Abu Zubayr from Ibrahim. Imam said that Abu Zubair did not send a hadith from Ibrahim. And, when checked, it was true.

Hashid ibn Ismail mentioned that Imam al-Bukhari came to lessons of Basra, but never wrote down them. After sixteen days, they rebuked him, that he did not write them. And he said: "You rebuked me enough, bring your books". Hashid then says, "We brought him our books, and the imam called every hadith with our isnad, adjusting our records, and then said: "Do you think I'm wasting my time?" "And during that time he took more than fifteen thousands of hadith sheikhs Basra".

Once Ishaq ibn Rahaveyh, rahimahullaah, said he knows seventy thousand hadith recorded in his book, as it seems that the book is opened in front of him. When this was said to the Imam al-Bukhari, rahimahullah, he replied: "You are surprised, but perhaps now on the earth there is a person who knows two hundred thousand hadith like that". And the Imam talked about himself.

Once, when Imam al-Bukhari rahimahullah, visited Baghdad, local Muhadith rearranged isnaads with the matn (text of the hadith) a hundred Hadith, and each of the ten Muhadith had to tell Imam ten Hadith, allowing them an error. And when each of these Muhadith told Imam their hadith, Imam said to them: "I ​​do not know this hadith". After all muhaddis told him their hadith, Imam each of these one hundred hadith spoke with the correct isnaad.

Abu Azhar, rahimahullaah, said: "Once, when Imam al-Bukhari rahimahullah, visiting Samarkand, local Muhadith rearranged isnads Iraqis with isnads of Yemenis and isnads Jarama with isnads Yemen and wanted to force Imam to recognize these erroneous chain, but no error of these four hundred Muhadiths not been recognized by the Imam"... 

Rashid Isayev 

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