Modest life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


Economics is an important part of life in society. The most obvious purpose of the economy is to direct people to the consumption making them focus on consumer needs. Consumer culture surrounded people from all sides. To get rid of the “siege”, it is necessary to revive the moral and religious values that we have. The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) warned his Ummah to refrain from excessive desires and worldly things. He wanted were left ambitions and passions, inspired believers desire to compromise. Today, more and more often hear about the desire of some parts of society for moderation and simplicity. Even in Western countries humble and simple life turns into one of the preferred ways of life.

Prophets have always been examples and teachers of religious values for the nations. Humanity, personality, family, and society needs today in the knowledge of the way of life of the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). Behavior and practice of the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) has created a way of life that had not existed in human history. If we look at the life of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) before the prophecy, we see that his life was natural, modest and moderate. During this time he (peace be upon him) was not to outstanding people of Mecca in the sphere of Commerce, nor in the military, neither in politics nor in religion.

One of his notable features was reliability, honesty and morality. Like all the prophets, the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was a man. He was born, got married, had children, suffered hardships, rejoiced, experienced suffering and persecution for the sake of Allah and left this world in simplicity. He was always aware that a man and a slave, and after becoming a prophet continued modest and moderate life and sought to educate exemplary generation, not adhering to the cult of material values.

If we look at the life of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), we see that he's being a prophet, was also the head of state, commander in chief, judge, teacher and head of the family. He liked to dress up and use fragrant incense, but he was not overwhelmed desire for worldly. He did not want more than necessary and was pleased with what he has. But during that period, when he was in prosperity and abundance, he just continued to live modestly. For the formation of the simple life, it is important to lead an active social and economic life, work and earn money, make a donation. In this regard, the Prophet (peace be upon him) was an example, helped the poor, worked hard to benefit others.

His attitude and behaviour in the social dimension was an example of a man who tries to acquire goods modesty. One of the most important principles of his style of life is to allocate time to himself, family and entourage. Another side of his modest life was respect for society. Modest life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) includes a concept of peace and contentment of material goods to the extent necessary. He chose a lifestyle far from the luxury and extravagance.


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