Appearance of Abu-Hanifa

Appearance of Abu-Hanifa

Appearance of Abu-Hanifa

He was a little brown-skinned, of medium height, slim, with a cute and attractive face, had a long beard. In all he was orderly.

He spoke very eloquently. Used a lot of spices. His thinness was from a long worship (ibadah).

His son Hamad said: "Father wore a good and expensive clothes. In this he showed the good of God and respect for the sciences, which he owns.

He did not request to anybody, especially to the rulers".

Who is he? - Imam Abu Hanifa.


Abu Hanifa and cutting hair

Once barber cut hair of Abu Hanifa and the scientist told him:

- Take away the gray hairs!

 - No, - said Barber.

- Why?

- Because their number will increase.

- Then cut the black hairs, maybe they will be more!

When Sharik ibn Abdullah was told this story, he laughed and said, " If Abu Hanifa leave his Kiyas ( reasoning by analogy ), it is only with the barber!"


Once people saw that Imam Abu Hanifa (رضي الله عنه) is sitting in the hot sun, and asked, why he did not sit in the shadow of the house opposite.

To which the Imam said: "The owner of this house owes me money and I am afraid that the use of the shadow of his house will be usury (riba)".


Ibn al -Mubarak said:

- Having arrived in Kufa, I asked the people: "Who of the inhabitants of the city is the most knowledgeable in matters of fiqh?" and they told me, “Abu Hanifa”. Then I asked a question: "Who of the inhabitants of the city to the greatest extent removed from the mundane?", and they told me, “Abu Hanifa”. Then I asked: «Who of them is the greatest piety?»  And they told me again: “Abu Hanifa”.

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