Abu Hanifa and the false prophet

Abu Hanifa and the false prophet

Abu Hanifa and the false prophet

Abu Hanifa and the false prophet 

During the time of Abu Hanifa, one man declared himself a prophet. "Give the time - he said - and I will create a miracle". "Who is waiting for a miracle from him - said Imam - he falls in disbelief. For those expectations, he rejects the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him): "There is no prophet after me"".

Abu Hanifa and knowledge 

When Imam Abu Hanifa was asked, "How did you acquire knowledge?" - He replied: "Because of praise and gratitude. Whenever my knowledge grow, I praised God and thanked Him, and He increased them even more".

Abu Hanifa - Imam who does not laugh

One of Abu Hanifa's contemporaries said that he had never seen the Imam laughed, he just smiled.

Abu Hanifa - a lesson at the hairdresser

Abu Hanifa recalled:

Regarding the rites of Mecca [ie rites of the hajj] I made a mistake in the five issues in respect of which the truth has taught me Barber. That was when I wanted to shave my head.

- Are you an Arab? - He asked me.

- Yes, - I answered. - How much will be cost to shave me?

- In piety do not agree - he said, keeping in mind that during the Hajj should not enter into contracts. - Sit down!

I sat down without turning to Kaaba. He turned me toward Kaaba. I wanted him to shave my head, starting from the left side, but he said:

- Open to me the right side.

I did so. He began to shave me, and I was silent.

- Doxology (kabbir).

I began to praise God until got up to leave.

- Where are you going?

- In a way.

- Pray two rak'at and then go to.

All this at a Barber, I thought, not otherwise, as some scientist. And said to him:

- Where did you get all that you commanded me?

- I saw that Ata ibn Abi Rabah did so.

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