Abu Hanifa and silk robe

Abu Hanifa and silk robe

Abu Hanifa and silk robe

Abu Hanifa himself was a merchant and report that a woman came to the Abu Hanifa and asked to sell her silk robe.

- How much, you have been told you can sell it? - asked the scientist.

- One hundred - was the answer.

- It costs more - said Abu Hanifa, advising raise the price.

The woman added another hundred dirhams, but has not received the consent: Abu Hanifa demanded to appoint a great price. So every time the price rose another hundred dirhams.

- Four hundred! summed up, finally, the owner of the good.

- It is more expensive! - continued to insist Abu Hanifa.

- Are you kidding? - The woman could not stand it.

- Let's wait and see.

And then came the buyer who bought a garment for as much as five hundred dirhams.


Abu Hanifa never cursed

Imam Abu Hanifa did not like to speak evil, very careful of this sin, and thanked God for what He has kept him out of it . Once one of the closest friends of the Imam said to him: "The people behind your back say a lot of things about you, but you do not say anything about them". Imam Abu Hanifa said the man. "This is the mercy of Allah, He will give it to whom He pleases".

Said to Imam Sauri: We have never seen or heard of Imam Abu Hanifa cursed behind someone's back. Imam Sufyan Sauri said: "Yes, Imam Abu Hanifa was not stupid, so, cursing, to turn to dust his good deeds". ("Sirat Numan")


Words of scientists about Abu Hanifa

Abu Hanifa - the greatest Imam (Imam A'zam), faqih from Iraq, Nu'man bin Thabit. Zirar bin Sard said:

- Yazid bin Harun was asked, "Who is the greatest faqih - Sufyan Sauri or Abu Hanifah?" He said, "Abu Hanifa is the greatest faqih and Sufyan Sauri is more knowledgeable Hadith".

Abdullah Ibn Mubarak said: "Abu Hanifa - the greatest connoisseur of fiqh among the people". Imam Shafi'i said: "People in fiqh as children in comparison with Abu Hanifa". Yazid said: "I have never seen a more pious and knowledgeable person than Abu Hanifa". Narrated by Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Qasim bin Muhraz from Yahya bin Mu'ina that he said: "There is no doubt". Yazid ibn Umar bin Hubayrat offered Abu Hanifa the post of a judge, but he refused it". [al-Dhahabi, "Tadhkirat al Huffaz", 1/168].


"Dressing beautiful clothes for men - mustahabb (desirable). This was a testament of Abu Hanifa and his disciples".

"Fataua al Hindiya"

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