10 September 2014 10:41
Hijab Maintains Women Positive Image
A recent survey has found that veiled British Muslim women have more positive body image, less affected by beauty standards depicted in media and place less importance on appearance than women who don’t wear hijab
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04 September 2014 14:29
Study: hijab is linked to positive body image in women
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04 September 2014 13:35
‘Hijab is for men too!’
Instances where men may be viewed as sex objects by women include Islamically abhorrent advertising, music videos, movies and television shows, ‘beefcake’ calendars, women’s magazines, male strip shows, and clothed female nude male (CFNM) events. Also, more women are reportedly purchasing and consuming pornography
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26 March 2014 11:19
In Helsinki A Court Punished Managers Who Fired A Muslim
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24 March 2014 16:37
Swiss Schools Allowed Anti-Muslim Dress Code
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14 March 2014 14:44
The Algerian Minister Of Religious Affairs Proposed Muslim To Undress For Work
Algerian Muslim Women reacted angrily to comments made by the Minister of Religious Affairs Abu Abdullah Gulamullah. According to his opinion, Muslims must comply with rules prohibiting them wearing a headscarf at work.
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14 March 2014 14:25
Iranian Models In Hijabs Presented Maserati Auto Show In Tehran
Luxury car Maserati opened its dealership in Tehran despite the difficult economic conditions in Iran.
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