Why were the Quranic verses not revealed at once, but revealed in stages?

Question: Why wasn't the Quran sent down at once like other scriptures as a complete book, but was sent down gradually over time?


The answer to this question gave us the Almighty Creator in Surat al-Furkan:

Those who disbelieve said: "Why was not the Qur'an revealed to him all at once?" We did so to strengthen them your heart, and explained it the most beautiful way".

There are undoubtedly several reasons for the revelation of the Quran parts. One of these reasons is that the Quran was revealed gradually, which clearly demonstrates its originality, and not that it was composed by someone.

If all laws and regulations prescribed by Allah were revealed simultaneously, then some people would move away from Islam, for it is difficult overnight withdraw immediately from all the negative habits acquired during life. Heart, having received another batch in the form of verses, mastered them, and then sought to put into practice, thereby strengthening faith in the Almighty and Wise Creator, Lord of the Worlds.


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