Why Can't We See The Soul?

Question: Why cannot we see the soul?


Allah the Almighty and Wise, created everything in this world is beautiful, by assigning to each thing its divine meaning. The soul of man occupies a special place among His creations. Seeing a soul, people would lose the mind from its beauty, exactly the same as in the parable about the Prophet Yusuf, women were amazed by his beauty, and for preparing food did not notice that cut their fingers. Bracing to the beauty of the soul, the descendants of Adam, could gradually forget about the other things. Besides do not forget that this world is given to us for testing, and some things are hidden from us until the day of judgment. Do not see, but believe, having on that evidence, marveling at the majesty and power infinite wisdom of the Creator, not the beauty of His creation - the task of every human.


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