When do I have a right to skip a Jamaat prayer (Collective prayer)?

Question: Assalyamu alaikum! Cool site! I read a lot about Jamaat prayer and talked with brothers about it. Jamaat prayer has the good, du’a of angels, it almost not rejected by Allah, and has many benefits. It is waajib for the Hanbali, but for us it is Sunnah. But, unfortunately, quite often I do not get to go the mosque, although it is almost across the road and I feel remorse. Could you give legitimate reasons of Hanafi books not to go to Jamaat prayer? I think that there is. Well, for example, the frost of minus 50 degrees, tornadoes, etc. I hope my question is clear? (Mansur)


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuhu!

With the name of Allah, Most Gracious to all in this world and in the next world only Merciful to the believers!

In the fundamental book of the Hanafi madhhab “Nur al-Idah” Imam Shurunbulyali provides 18 reasons to skip a collective prayer:

1 - Rain
2 - Extreme cold
3 - Danger of enemy attack or predatory animal
4 - Strong darkness
5 - Being held in custody
6 - Blindness
7 - Stroke
8 - No legs
9 - Disease
10 – Not able to walk
11 - Slush
12 - Paralysis
13 – Deep old age
14 - Employment science fiqh
15 - When the food is ready
16 - Preparing for entry in the path

17 – Care for the ill

18 – Strong, the night wind

And Allah knows best.

Ildus hazrat Faizov

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