What zikr is the best in front of Allah?


As a rule, the word “zikr” (also “dhikr”) is used to mean different ways of praising and elevating Allah and making duas. Some scholars say that zikr is any kind of words or actions which turn into the reason for receiving a reward.

According to Quran, zikr is salat (or namaz) which is the most universal way of worshipping. When a believer performs salat, he or she remembers Allah and praises Him. To start a salat, a believer performs ablution. Preparing for salat and thinking that shortly you will stand in front of God, you remember Allah and pray to Him.

Zirk also includes your intention and takbir. A believer continues to remember Allah when he praises Him and says that there is no god, but Him. A believer also reflects on the meaning of ayats which he or she reads. The condition of a believer’s heart changes depending on the ayats which he is reading.

The most considerable zikr is belief in Allah and constant memory of Him.

While performing salat, zikr is presented by reading Quran. Zikr of your heart during salat is presented by your reflections, fear, hope and love.

A human being has a body and a soul. Likewise, this world consists of the visible and invisible worlds. A human body, like the visible world, consists of some material substance. So, zikr performed by the human body is a symbol of the zikr performed by the universe.

Thundering, leaves palpitation, birdsong and all the rest sounds of this world are some kind of qura’at. When reading Quran during salat, we join this zikr and exceed all the rest.


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