The opportunity to take a bath with warm water is only once a week in winter

Question:  A man living in a country where the winter is very cold, and the ability to take a full ablution in the warm conditions there is only once a week. At night, a man had a wet-dream (emission) and he woke up the morning prayer without ghusl. To warm bath (room) for (taking \ update) ghusl, it takes time for that prayer time comes.

1. Is it possible in these circumstances to take tayammum instead of ghusl, if a person can get sick with full ablution?
2. If so, whether to re-read this prayer, when a person will be able to do ghusl without risk of harm to health?


Respected Brother/Sister in Islam

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh 

If the cold is severe and by taking a cold bath he fears that he will fall ill or the cold will pose a risk to his health, it will be permissible for him to do Tayammum. This is on condition that there is no provision for warm water available. If there is provision for warm water and taking a bath with it will not be harmful to his health, it will be necessary for him to use the warm water to take a Ghusl and Tayammum will not be permissible.

As the Fuqahaa’ (Jurists) have stated in al-Fatawa al-Hindiyyah:

ويجوز التيمم إذا خاف الجنب إذا اغتسل بالماء أن يقتله البرد أو يمرضه

Taymmum is permissible when an impure person (a person in need of the obligatory Ghusl) fears that the cold will kill him or make him sick. (Vol: 1, Pg: 28) 

2) If after the Salaah time passes, he is able to take a bath (for example, later on during the day when it becomes warmer or he obtains warm water), it will not be necessary for him to repeat the Salaah. 

And Allah Knows Best.


Suhail Tarmahomed (Mufti)

Fatwa Dept.

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