The Best Of People Is The One...

Once three wise men attended at the meeting of Nushirevan. During the conversation, they were talking about what is the worst thing.

Greek sage said:

- The heaviest and a bad thing - it's an old age in poverty.

Indian sage said:

- The heaviest and a bad thing - it is a disease with grief and sorrow.

Sage Besser Jumhur said:

- The heaviest and a bad thing - it's the approach of death and bad deeds.

Other sages recognized the correctness of sage Besser Jumhur and accepted his opinion.

(Ruhul-Bayan 2/47)


This is especially true, because, there is a way of the difficult situations which mentioned other sages. Anyway, you can get rid of them.

However, the position of a person who is close to death and commit crimes only, very hard. He does not have time to fix his evil deeds with good deeds. And if one of his misdeeds is disbelief, then this is no salvation at all (May Allah protect us from this).

If, misdeeds refer to sins, then such a person expect heavy death, torment in the grave and all the difficulties of the day of judgment.

May Almighty Allah honor us in understanding of hadith which states:

"The best of people is the one who, having lived a long life, doing good deeds" (Tirmidhi, Zyuhd, 2329)


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