Places For Memorization Of the Quran In the Early Years Of the Hijra

In the first years of the Hijra training of the Qur'an took place mainly in the mosques. In the Medina, in addition to the mosque of the Prophet (peace be upon him), training took place also in nine mosques. Also known Mahram ibn Navfalya house, in which kyraat was studied and that is why the house was called "Darul-Curra".

After the death of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), the number of people wishing to learn the Quran has dramatically increased. Once when Abu Musa al-Ash'ari (R.A.) was vali of Basra, he wrote a letter to the Caliph Umar (R.A.) in which he said that in Basra was a lot of Hafiz. In response, Umar (R.A.) commanded to assign them a monetary allowance. When Abu Musa (R.A.) wrote in a year that has become even more of Hafiz, on this Caliph (R.A.) said the following: "Leave them alone!" I worry that people being busy memorizing the Quran, will spend less time to study its laws". Thus the Caliph (R.A.) showed concern for the issue of allowances for Hafiz.

Rivayat from Muslim states, when Abu Musa al-Ash'ari (R.A.) collected Hafizs of Basra to do instruct them, their number reached three hundred people.

Ibn Halikan, based on the book of Abu Faraj Ibnul-Djavzi "Al Alkab", said that the wife of Harun al-Rashid Zubaydah had about three hundred slaves - Hafizs. This information shows how high place was given to memorizing the Quran, even among women.

Bakillyani, answering the suggestion of certain groups of Shiites that the Quran was allegedly changed, said:

"Once in many parts of the globe huge number of people all learned the Quran by heart, it is impossible even to imagine, as if the Qur'an could not be changed".

Ibrahim ibn Musa al-Shatybi spoke about the same thing.

In later centuries, memorizing the Quran happened in mosques and madrassas. Kyraat teachers were respectfully called "Shaykh al-Qurra", and this duty - "mashihatul-kyraat", "mashihatul-ikra", "risalyatul-ikra".

The Mufti of the Republic of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin

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