One Gossip - Three Crimes

One day to one wise man came his friend and said:

- One person says about you so and so.

- You came to see me, and committed three crimes: 1) You became the reason that I started to dislike my Muslim brother. 2) You found the lesson for my free heart (before I did not think anything about brother, and now let even for a moment, but I thought). 3) You became the reason that I lost confidence in you. As one who told me the words of others, will tell to others my words.

(Ruhul-Bayan 3/444)


"Do not obey every waster oaths, despicable, blasphemer who carry gossip, stingy man, criminal, sinner, cruel, pretender to the same, even if he will be rich and will have sons".

About those who spread gossip, there is a severe warning. For example, it is reported that the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "Those who spread gossip, will not enter Paradise".

You should not trust those who spread gossip and should not try to talk with them. Because the one who sends you the words of others, will also send your words to others.


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