Knowledge, Modesty And Mind

When Almighty Allah created Adam (alayhi salaam), Jibrael (alayhi salaam) came to Adam with three gifts. Gifts that brought Jibrael were: knowledge, modesty and intelligence. Dzhibrail (alayhi salaam) said to Adam (alayhi salaam): "Choose one of the three gifts".

Adam (alayhi salaam) chose mind. Jibrael (alayhi salaam) pointed knowledge and modesty return to their places. Knowledge and humility, said: "We (three) were in the world of souls. We don't want to leave each other in the body. Wherever we are, we will follow the mind".

In response to this Jibrael (alayhi salaam) said: "Make yourself Comfortable!" Mind was placed in the brain. the knowledge in the heart, and humility in the eyes.


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