Is it permitted to accept a work on arrangement of a recreation zone?


I’m offered the work on arrangement of a recreation area in our city. Can I accept this work? because in this place often non-Muslims come, who drink alcohol, eat forbidden (haram) foods. Won't it happen that I will arrange a recreation area for people who will make forbidden things there?


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh

If this recreation zone is facilitated for general recreation (for example, it is a recreation zone where people can play sports, play permissible games, gather with their families etc) and it is not

specifically made for Haraam activities, it will be permissible for you to undertake this task. In this case, even if people do engage in Haraam activities in this zone, you will not be sinful as you had merely facilitated a zone for general recreation and not sinful recreation in particular. The sin will rest upon those who engage in Haraam activities. 

This will be similar to the scenario of a person building a park. A park is meant for recreation where people can come to play sports, play games, get together with their families and have meals etc. The function of the park is permissible itself. However, if someone uses the park for impermissible purposes, like the consumption of alcohol or fornication, the builder of the park will not be responsible for their sin as he had merely built a park with the purpose of it being used for recreation.

Yes, If you will be facilitating a recreation zone for impermissible activities specifically, for example, clubbing, dancing, music, alcohol bars etc, it will not be permissible for you to undertake this task as now, you will a direct assistant in facilitating Haraam activities.

 And Allah Knows Best.


Mufti Suhail Tarmahomed

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