Is it allowed for Muslims to drink Coca-Cola?
Is it permissible for Muslims to drink Coca-Cola?

International Consumer Organization (ICO) in France conducted tests of 19 products of company Coca-Cola on its composition. It is established that for every litre of Coca-Cola accounts for 20 sugar cubes. Sweeteners in light-products are harmful for health. Also in small quantities revealed the content of alcohol.

Studies conducted in France showed that drinking Cola leads to obesity due to excessive sugar content in it. Magazine "60 Millons de consommateurs" (60 million consumers) published the results of analyzes for ICO France of Coca-Cola. The magazine says that the research results have resonance in a society where there were disputes about the dangers to health of products of this brand.

Excessive sugar content in the products of Coca-Cola injury to the health. Were analyzed products such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Auchan, Cora, Casino, Leader Price, Man U-Cola and others. They found sugar, sweetener, flavoring agents, caffeine, and alcohol. Most of the products of this brand on every liter has one hundred grams of sugar, which is about 20 cubes. In particular, Coca-Cola has 18 cubes, on Pepsi - 17 cubes.

Leading talk about light-Cola, we can say that the number of sweeteners contained in that size which is harmful to health. The organization warns that excessive consumption of sugar can lead to obesity in the beginning, and later - to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Scientists who conducted the study to investigate the content of Coca-Cola, have noticed that it has ingredients such as cinnamon, coconut and citrus fruits. Researchers reminded that these ingredients can cause allergic reactions in certain groups of people. Phosphoric acid and ammonium sulfate found in the U.S. as a carcinogen. These components are used in the food dye E150D. This dye is used in the products of Coca-Cola.

Shocking fact that Cola contains alcohol. Scientists report that in ten products, among which Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola Light Coke and Coke Zero, there is alcohol.

Per litre of the product is 10 ml of alcohol. The company director of Coca-Cola in France Michel Pepin said that in accordance with the secret formula at some stages can be used alcohol.

The ingredients used for the production of the drink Coca-Cola , are standard in all countries, and our 'ulama have concluded that it is permissible to use it, whether in South Africa or Russia. We connected with the "Coca-Cola" and asked about the order of production of the drink in Russia, and we received confirmation that the "Coca-Cola" has not haram-ingredients.


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