Is it allowed to chew gum during Ramadan?

Question: Is it allowed to chew gum during Ramadan?

Answer: It is makrooh (condemnatory action) for fasting person to chew gum without taste and smell. It is strictly forbidden to chew new gum.

Question: A person is fasting, he has wound in the roof of the mouth. He has doubts that the liquid coming out of the wound, mixed with saliva. Does he have a valid fasting?

Answer: Swallowing the saliva does not spoil fasting. It is not possible to give hukm based on doubts. When he was sure to be known that saliva contains blood, he should spit the saliva and continue fasting.

Question: Is it allowed to use miswak during Ramadan?

Answer: Miswak not causing harm. And use toothpaste is makrooh, because there is a risk that a man may accidentally swallow it.

Question: If a person after the suhoor, at dawn or in the afternoon there was a wet dream, does he need to fill this day?

Answer: Wet dreams requires a ghusl, but fasting is not broken, regardless - wet dream occurred during daytime sleep or at another time.

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