I left my first husband, now I want to get marry again, but I doubt – whether I divorced?

Question: Last year I got married.My husbandwas a veryunpleasant person, rude, with a badcharacter.A few months laterI left him andwentbackto my parents. There was no intimate proximity (sexual relations) between us during themarriage.When Iwent away fromthis man, hetold me that Icould live my own life as I want, but  he didn’t said the word “divorce”.NowIwant to marrya goodman, butwhat can I do- I'm notdivorcedwith my first husbandyet?what wordshe cansay other thanthe worddivorceto be consideredthat weare divorced (Latifa)




The statement of your husband does not constitute a divorce. If you wish to marry another person, it is necessary for you to obtain a divorce from your husband. After obtaining the divorce, you will have to observe the Iddah of three menstrual cycles. Only after the completion of your Iddah, it will be permissible to marry another man.

If your husband refuses to issue the divorce, you may raise the matter to your local Mahkamah or DUM to facilitate dissolution of the marriage.

And Allah Knows Best.


Mufti Suhail Tarmahomed

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