Enmity, which came with a wealth

From the moment of creation until the present day, worldly life saturated nobody, and will not

Once Zulkarnayn met people who completely withdrew from the world, ate plants, digging graves for their dead before the doors of houses and devoted themselves entirely to worship. Zulkarnayn sent an envoy to the leader of the nation, inviting him over, but he said that he does not need a meeting with Zulkarnayn. In response to this Zulkarnayn went to him and asked:

- Why you do not have gold and silver?

- Among us there is no one who would have liked to worldly life. So from the moment of creation until the present day, worldly life saturated nobody, and we will not be saturated. Not to forget about death, we dig graves for the dead before the doors of our homes.

Having said that, the leader of the people pulled out a skull from the land and said:

- This is the skull of a ruler who oppressed the people and saved his worldly goods. When the time came, God has took his soul. Now he is accountable for his crimes and subjected to torture.

Then he took another skull and said:

- This skull of a kind and just ruler. Almighty Allah took his soul, put him in paradise and exalted his degree.

Then he put his hand on the head of Zulkarnayn and said:

- Which one will be your head?

From these words Zulkarnayn wept and said:

- If you go with me and stay with me, I'll give you half of my country and I will make you a vizier.

- I can not accept this proposal.

- Why?

- Because of the power and wealth of people become your enemies. And the reason that I undemanding, they are my friends.

(Ruhul-Bayan 1/280)


People should not forget about death. For example, it is reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

"Remember frequently the thing that cuts off pleasures," i.e. death".

Under the remembrance of death means a firm belief in eternal life after death, and preparation for life. To do this, from time to time to visit the cemetery.

There are two places where people can go after death - Heaven and Hell, and think about where you will go, it is necessary already today. Friends of Allah have always done so. For example, it is reported in one of rivayat that friends said Ibrahim ibn Edhem:

- Would you stay with us in the mosque so that we can benefit from your words?

- I have four cases now. They did not let me sit in the mosque. If I get rid of these cases, I will sit with you.

- O Abu Ishaq! What is the case?

- First, I think of a word that Almighty Allah took from Adam (alayhi salaam). Almighty Allah then said: "These are for heaven and these are for hell". I do not know which group I belong to, and think about it.

Second, when Allah Almighty creates a child in his mother's belly and blows soul in it, the angel asks, "O Lord! He will be happy or unhappy?" I think about what the answer got angels when asked about me. I do not know.

Third, when the angel of death takes the soul of man, he asks: "O Lord! Do I kill him a believer or an unbeliever?" And I think about what the answer the angel of death got in relation to me. I do not know. I die a Muslim or an unbeliever.

Fourth, I think over the verse: "Depart today, sinners!" I'm in the group of criminals or in the group of those who enter Paradise? Thinking about it stop me sit and talk with you".

(Ruhul-Bayan 2/57)


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