Du'a That Help Be Saved From Disaster

From the words of Aisha (raduallahu anhu) the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) during strong winds usually made ​​this prayer: 

اللهم إنى أسألك من خيرها و خير ما فيها و خير ما أرسلت به و أعوذ بك من شرها و شر ما فيها و شر ما
أرسلت به 

"Allahumma inni asaluka min hayriha ya hayrin ma fiha ya hayrin ma ursilyat bihi ya aguzu bika min ya sharria ya sharri ma fiha ya sharri ma ursilyat bihi" 

"Oh, God! I ask You to this wind had good effects, I wish that he was sent with good intentions and brought good. I'm seeking protection with You from disasters that can bring this wind, as well as the consequences that can harm me". 


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