Allah Almighty Is With You Wherever You Are

One of the friends of Allah had disciples. But one of them he loved more than all the rest, and paid him more attention. The disciples said to him:

- Why do you pay more attention to one disciple? We are also your disciples.

- I will tell you why I pay more attention to him.

Then he gave one bird to each disciple, and ordered to slaughter them in a place where no one will see. All disciples went in different directions. Some time later they returned with the slain birds. And the disciple whom Sheikh paid more attention returned with live bird. Sheikh asked the disciple:

- Why did not you kill a bird?

- You said to slaughter a bird in a place where no one will see me. However, I do not know such a place.

Hearing this answer, Sheikh turned to the other disciples, and said: 

- That's why I love him more than you.

(Ruhul-Bayan 2/161)


وهو معكم أين ما كنتم

"He is with you wherever you are". (The Quran, 57:4)

ولقد خلقنا الإنسان ونعلم ما توسوس به نفسه ونحن أقرب إليه من حبل الوري

"And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein". (The Quran, 50:16)

Every moment Almighty Allah sees us and knows what we are doing. Doing something people should be aware of this.

Imam Rabbani (kuddisa sirruhu) said: "Allah Almighty and Great knows everything about everyone. Therefore it is necessary to be ashamed of Him. For example, if a person is doing something shameful or sinful, will know that it is seen by other people, he'll never do it like that. He would not want others to see his immoral acts. What a strange situation! What kind of trouble is such that people are aware of the existence of Allah, that He knows all the secrets and mysteries hidden in their hearts, are not afraid of Allah and continue to commit forbidden without giving any importance to this. I seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and from sinful acts".


What do you think about this?

Leave you commen.

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