21 May 2013 12:57
My husband gave me one divorce, and after gave two more. Whether it is considered as a triple divorce?
My husband gave me once divorce a few months ago, but after that, after consulting with the Imam, brought me back, but two months ago he gave me two divorces, is it considered as a triple divorce? (Anonim) Read more →
20 May 2013 11:25
I married without consent of my parents, now I am afraid of Allah’s anger – what can I do?
I married a divorced woman who is older than me by four years and she has a child. My parents were against our marriage, but I got married without their consent. Now my wife is four months pregnant, I read a lot that it is prohibited to do abortion of fear before poverty. With all my heart I want to see my wife gave birth to a child. But I am afraid - if my parents will be unpleasant with me, my life would be in vain, Allah will punish me. What can I do? (Anonim) Read more →
17 May 2013 0:24
My husband the left hander, is it necessary for him to retrain on the right hand?
I know it is Sunnah to eat and doot her good performances by right hand. But my husband is left-handed, so it is difficult for him to use the right hand. Can he eat by left hand or he necessarily be retrained on the right hand? He is disturbed very much byt his question. (Elvira) Read more →
15 May 2013 21:18
How to do purification (qhusl) if there are dental braces on the teeth?
How to do purification (qhusl) if there are dental braces on the teeth? (Anonim) Read more →
14 May 2013 23:40
Is it possible to wish happy birthday and to give gifts?
I know that in Islam it is not allowed to celebrate secular holidays, in particular, a birthday. Howtobein this case if my relatives are non-Muslims and they want to congratulate me with my birthday? Can I, in turn, congratulate them with their birthdays and give them gifts in this day? They’ll take offense at me if I don’tmakeit. (Anonim) Read more →
13 May 2013 0:07
Whether it is possible to perform Hajj on the money obtained for the apartment, bought on credit?
A few years ago our family bought an apartment on credit (At that time we didn’t know that it is prohibited). The loan was fully repaid. This year we want to sell the apartment and perform Hajj on this money. We know that people should perform the Hajj on Halal money only. Will the money from the sale of this apartment Halal? (Anonim) Read more →
07 May 2013 9:18
My sister fell under the influence of her head and secretly married him, now her husband is in prison, how to divorce with him?
My sister came for a new job where she was under the influence of her chief. He persuaded her to marry him in secret from our parents. But then it turned out that he was a dishonest man, he was involved in financial fraud and he cheated many people...(Saida) Read more →
23 April 2013 0:24
Uttering curses in Islam
Uttering curses is a very delicate and dangerous issue in Islam. One should be careful not to incur the curse of someone and one should also be careful about uttering a curse, for a curse is something that takes its effect. If the person is deserving of the curse, it will affect him/her and if the person is not truly deserving of the curse, it will rebound on to the one who has uttered the curse and it will affect him/her Read more →
17 April 2013 12:53
Explain the meaning of the hadith - "...hundred years will pass from this night and in the earth it will not remain a single person"
There is a hadith with an approximate sense - our Prophet (peace be upon him) said to his companions – hundred years will pass from this night and in the earth it will not remain a single person. How do our scholars explain it? (Anonim) Read more →
16 April 2013 0:01
Is it permitted for woman to travel without her husband or her mahram?
I know that in Islam traveling is forbidden for woman. She can travel only with her husband or mahram-relatives. But some scholars allow traveling if a trip will be safely. May we take this opinion? And the second question - may a woman perform Hajj alone, without a husband or a mahram, if she has the financial opportunities? Or in this case the duty of the hajj is removed from her? (Муслима) Read more →
10 April 2013 10:50
Was polygamy permitted for the previous prophets (peace be upon them all)?
Why according to Shariah of our Prophet (peace be upon him) men can have 4 wives, but according to Shariah of prophet Isa (peace be upon him) men could have only one wife, as far as I know. What can you tell about it? (Irina) Read more →
09 April 2013 0:01
What can we do with excess woman milk?
What can we do with excess woman milk? Our cousin recently gave birth a baby. But now he eats a little, and after him the excess milk remains. What can we do with it? (Anonim) Read more →
08 April 2013 10:25
Is it permitted jewelry with the half-moon image?
A question about the image of the crescent (the half-moon).  I know that the half moon is not an Islamic symbol; it was the sign of ancient Turkic peoples. When they accepted Islam and founded the Ottoman Empire, they began to place a half moon sign on mosques and other places. Was it correct - to place on masjids non-muslim symbol? Presently many Muslims wear jewelry (earrings, rings, chains, pendents) with image of a half moon or wear clothes with such images. Whether it is correct? (Anonim) Read more →
04 April 2013 23:32
Is it permissible for a female to shape her eyebrows?
Please tell me - can a woman pluck her eyebrows? I’ve heard that according to Hanafi madhab it is allowed, if husband of a woman allows it. (Mariam) Read more →
03 April 2013 10:21
How сan a husband return his wife after triple divorce?
The question regarding the temporary marriage. I know that a temporary marriage (Mut’ah)  is prohibited in Islam. But recently I was told that if a husband gave his wife a triple divorce, and then he regrets for it and wants to return her, she can conclude marriage for one night with another man. After sexual intercourse this man gives the woman a divorce and she can return to her first husband. It is allowed to do so? (Anonim) Read more →
01 April 2013 23:58
What is the rule (khukm) concerning a beard in the Hanafi madhhab?
What is the rule (khukm) concerning a beard in the Hanafi madhhab? I’ve heard that in our Madhab wearing a beard is Vajib (obligatory). And I know that it is forbidden to shave a beard by usual razor, I should only cut it? (Murad) Read more →
25 March 2013 10:24
How can we facilitate to our relatives stay in a grave?
Recently my mother died. I am very upset by this event. A few days ago I heard her voice (I don’t know - in a dream or in reality), she was telling me that she feels the torment in the grave. I try to make optional prayers (Nafl-Salah) and give her a reward for them, I give alms (sadakah) for her. What else can I do? (Anonim) Read more →
21 March 2013 23:46
Some aspects of polygamy
As-Salamu alaikum, I have some questions concerning polygamy: a) Can a husband if his wife doesn’t obey him, threaten her that he would take second wife? b) Can aman take a second wife secretly from the first wife and their relatives? c)... Read more →
12 March 2013 23:20
I accepted Islam for the sake of the husband, and he threw me though I am pregnant. What shall I do?
I find myself in a very hard emotional state. I’m Russian; some time ago I met a young man from Tajikistan, who came to Russia on earnings. I loved him; I left my religion and сonverted to Islam... (Anna) Read more →
11 March 2013 0:01
I left my first husband, now I want to get marry again, but I doubt – whether I divorced?
Last year I got married. My husbandwas a very unpleasant person, rude, with a badcharacter. A few months later I left him and went back to my parents...(Latifa) Read more →
05 March 2013 10:05
Using of social networks: is it possible to place there photos?
What do you tell concerning use of social networks? Whether it is possible to place there photos? (Malika) Read more →
20 February 2013 0:51
Should the person practice Sunnah in appearance if other people condemn him?
Young man tries to wear clothes according to Sunnah (to let grow a beard, to shorten trousers, to wear long shirts). But in district where he lives it isn’t accepted, people condemn him; they say that he wants to attract attention Read more →
19 February 2013 8:55
Is it allowed to earn money through Forex trading?
Is it allowed to earn money through Forex trading? (Foreign exchange market or currency market). I asked our local imams about it, but received different answers. Liliya Read more →
15 February 2013 9:49
Is it permitted for man to stay at his friend’s home for the night, if his wife doesn’t wear hijab?
My husband often visits his friend and even stays at his home for the night, although his wife doesn’t wear hijab and doesn’t practice the religion at all. Is it correct to do so? Read more →
07 February 2013 0:05
Is it permitted to accept a work on arrangement of a recreation zone?
I’m offered the work on arrangement of a recreation area in our city. Can I accept this work? because in this place often non-Muslims come, who drink alcohol, eat forbidden (haram) foods. Won’t it happen that I will arrange a recreation area for people who will make forbidden things there? Read more →
06 February 2013 0:10
My husband doesn’t live with me and doesn't provide me but he refuses to give me a divorce. What can I do?
My husband doesn’t live with me and doesn’t provide me and our child. I asked for a divorce, at first he agreed to divorce me, but then he called me and told that he changed his mind and returned me back. What shall I do, I want to divorce but he doesn’t want? Read more →
31 January 2013 22:08
How to concentrate in a prayer (salah)?
I was born a Muslim, but only recently began to performe salah. And it is very difficult for me to concentrate in prayer, often bad or stupid thoughts come to my mind. Can I continue to pray in this state? Should I continue to pray, despite such thoughts or I should learn to focus in prayer, and then keep it? I’m afraid that prayer in such state will be a hypocrisy Read more →
27 January 2013 23:12
Is it kufr to believe in the predictions of the end of the world?
Is it shirk (kufr), if Muslim believes in the predictions of the end of the world? In particular, if a person believed that the 21st of December should have beenthe end of the world (apocalyptic events, Last Judgment and so on)? Read more →
24 January 2013 23:28
How to make a right choice when choosing a spouse?
Please give me an advice. I have the following situation. Two young men want to marry me. First young man I know for a long time. He has no parents. In my childhood we were very close friends, we trust Read more →
24 January 2013 9:07
Is it necessary for men to cover their head?
Whenever it is suitable and you can without difficulty, you should wear the skullcap. For example, when you go to the Musjid or at an Islamic function, you should wear the skullcap. You will not be sinful for not wearing the skullcap all the time Read more →
23 January 2013 0:47
Why Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) being the most virtuous of all Prophets?
I know, Islam states that before the end of  the world prophet Isa (Jesus) will come on the ground for a second time, he will defeat the Antichrist (Dajjal) and will rule the world and judge people. Then I wonder why Muslims believe that the greatest prophet is Muhammad, if Jesus will rule the world and judge the people at the end of the world? (Vladimir) Read more →
22 January 2013 0:01
Will be my ghusl valid if I have fillings on my teeth?
I know that according our fiqh school (Hanafi madhab) we must rinse the inner mouth while perform ghusl (full body ritual washing). If I have dental fillings on my teeth, water can’t reach such teeth. Will be my ghusl valid in such situation? Read more →
18 January 2013 1:22
Is there a difference between Muslim and mu’min?
Is there a difference between Muslim and mu’min? Read more →
17 January 2013 0:00
Why I’m talking to myself when I'm alone?
I have a question: why I’m talking to myself when I'm alone, and come up with unnecessary, unrealistic things and lead a dialogue with my thoughts. Some people say it is a habit I want to learn more about it, and what Islam tells us about such habit? What is it? Read more →
15 January 2013 0:01
Why I'm talking to myself
Good day. I am a Muslim, and my husband wants to convert to Christianity, what can I do? Read more →
14 January 2013 0:53
I want to ask: is it allowed (permitted) to listen to the music, which is performed by the musical instruments?
“I want to ask: is it allowed (permitted) to listen to the music, which is performed by the musical instruments? And please tell me – is it a big sin (kabair) to listen such music?” Read more →
09 January 2013 9:11
My mother and my aunt had a miscarriage. What will happen to these unborn children? Will they have life in hereafter?
Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh!Dear Alim! I would like to ask you questions about pregnancy and abortion. The following hadith is well known: Read more →
28 December 2012 11:45
Can Muslim wear clothes and shoes made of pig skin?
I have a question. Is it possible for a Muslim to wear clothes and shoes made ​​of pig skin? I spent the whole year wearing a leather jacket, then I was told that my jacket made ​​of pig skin, then I asked to myself: "Is it allowed? Can I I wear shoes made of pig skin? Read more →
27 December 2012 12:17
Can Muslim use condoms?
My wife and I live in perfect harmony, we have a happy marriage, we love each other, we have two beautiful sons. Now we are thinking to have another ... but I’m not entirely sure that I want a third child, and the wife is also in doubt. We did not have such question before, but now it is actual for us. Is it permitted to use condoms? (Salman) Read more →
26 December 2012 11:30
What movies are allowed to watch on Islam?
I like to watch all kinds of adventure, I love historical pictures, but recently seriously asked myself whether to allow this? What movies allowed to watch on Islam? Please answer me! Question from Timur. Read more →