26 July 2013 15:37
Reading of prayers in socks. Whim or authentic Sunnah?
Tell me pleace, is there in Islamic sources mention about not the desirability of Hanafi read namaz without socks. (Farhad) Read more →
25 July 2013 11:46
Is it allowed to believe in signs from the poin of view of Islam?
As Salaam mu Alaikum! On your website I found answers to many interesting questions, thank you very much! I also have a question: I was standing on the street, leaning on the table, my chin lay on a hand (i.e. hand I was holding my head), I was approached by a stranger and said that Muslims can not stand like this Read more →
25 July 2013 7:45
Is marriage between Muslim man and сhristian woman valid if it was concluded before her acceptance Islam?
My husband is Muslim and I am a сhristian. We were married in a registry office and concluded the Islamic marriage (nikah). Now I’m going to accept Islam. I have a question - is our Islamic marriage that we concluded three years ago, valid, because I was a non-Muslim at that time? (Elvira) Read more →
24 July 2013 15:25
What Islam says about organ transplantation?
Allah Ta’ala has bestowed mankind with the highest status from all His creations and has made mankind superior over all others. The entire universe is made subservient to man in which man uses what is lawful for his nourishment and well being. Under certain circumstances, unlawful entities also become lawful Read more →
23 July 2013 12:46
Is it permitted to bath in the swimming pool or take a shower during the month of Ramadan while fasting?
As long as the water does not get into the stomach through the nose or mouth, no washing or bathing in the pond will not spoil the fasting. In the hadith it is reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) Read more →
22 July 2013 15:45
How Islam belongs to the healing?
I know the woman who claims that she be able to heal people imposing of hands. She says that she has communication with souls of our ancestors and they help her with treatment, give her strength. What our religion says about it? (Anonim) Read more →
22 July 2013 10:07
Is it allowed to swallow the saliva during Uraza?
Do not break the fast: 1. Eating food or drinking due to forgetfulness. If a person remembering that he fasts immediately gargle his mouth he can continue fasting   Read more →
03 July 2013 5:00
Is it permitted according to Islam breed purebred cats and dogs for sale?
I breed purebred cats and dogs for sale. Is it permitted according to Islam? (Anonim) Read more →
02 July 2013 7:35
Is it allowed for Muslims to smoke?
Among theologians there is no single opinion on this issue. Some firmly oppose arguing that Smoking is Haram, but others insist that it is makrooh ( not prohibited by the Shariah categorically). In the Holy Quran there is no single answer on tobacco smoking Read more →
01 July 2013 16:46
How we should behave with misguided persons?
It is important that you first identify a non-Muslim from a Muslim. It is incorrect to consider a Muslim to be a non-Muslim even though he may be misguided Read more →
01 July 2013 5:07
I want to hire a servant (maid) for helping my mother around the house. But how this woman will be in the same house with a non-mahram men?
It is good to know that you wish to make the chores of your mother easy and Allah will reward you for it.  Although your intention is good, it is also important that you do it in the correct manner according to the principles of Islam Read more →
28 June 2013 16:30
Questions concerning divorce
If the man said to his wife three times that she is divorced, but before and after the pronunciation this word (‘divorce”), said “Insha Allah”. Can these words save the family from falling apart? (Rashid) Read more →
27 June 2013 0:00
My wife’s mother has a bad influence on her, what can I do?
I am the practicing Muslim,I try to adhere to our religion. 1,5 years ago I married the girl from not-practicing family, under my influence she started practicing religion too. But we have a big problem - mother of my wife doesn’t respect me and tries to incite my wife against me. Read more →
26 June 2013 7:25
Is it permissible for women to visit the cemetery (ziyarat)?
To visit the cemetery for men is not forbidden, on the contrary, it is advisable to do it. Best time to Ziyarat - Thursday afternoon, Friday night, all day Friday and Saturday morning. Some theologians believe that from Sunday to Monday is also a good evening to make ziyarat to the grave Read more →
25 June 2013 7:45
How to perform prayer (namaz) on the bus?
I have almost every weekend go home to other city on the bus and in the winter I get on the bus before it enters a morning prayer, and the bus makes a scheduled stop when the prayer is already out. How do I perform a morning prayer? Read more →
24 June 2013 9:45
Is it allowed for Muslims to drink Coca-Cola?
Studies conducted in France showed that drinking Cola leads to Read more →
21 June 2013 9:45
How should we behave with different sectaries that try to involve us in their cults?
 How should we behave with different sectaries that try to involve us in their cults? Recently in the street I was approached by a man, he said that he was a Jehovah’s Witness. How to behave in such case? Should we immediately stop the conversation or try to defend our belief? (Anonim) Read more →
20 June 2013 9:25
Is it permissible to leave the prayer (namaz)?
 I wanted to ask. If a person is a Muslim, converted to Islam and does not read the prayer, will he burn forever in hell? Read more →
20 June 2013 0:08
I gave my wife a triple divorce. I know that I can return her only if she marries another man, they have sexual relationships and they divorce. What kind of marriage she must conclude that it is considered as valid?
At the outset, it should be noted that it is not permissible for a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman and vice versa. The only exclusion to this rule is that if a Muslim man marries a Christian or Jewish woman, the Nikah will be valid Read more →
19 June 2013 7:47
What is the purpose of human’s life?
What is the purpose of Muslim’s life? In what the main purpose (meaning) of our (of all muslims)  life? Read more →
17 June 2013 7:49
Because of the remote work of the husband I am deprived of the sexual relations. Whether he violates my rights?
 For several years my husband works far from home. In consequence of it I have problems in my sexual life - I am a young and healthy woman, but because of the remote work of my husband I deprived sexual relations. May it mean that the husband violates my rights as a wife– deprives me the sexual relations? Can I ask divorce because of it? Read more →
14 June 2013 13:56
Is it allowed to kiss the wife on the lips?
I am Russian. I accepted Islam recently. Is it allowed to kiss my wife on the lips? Is there anything wrong or undesirable?  Read more →
14 June 2013 7:30
When the person observes of the fast ( sawm), can he take a bath or wash his head?
Taking a bath or washing the head will not invalidate the fast Read more →
13 June 2013 14:18
Questions concerning visit of cemeteries
The question concerning on visiting cemeteries: Is it possible for women to visit the cemetery? And I’ve heard that it is not recommended to pull out the grass on the graves because green plants read tasbih. Is it correct? (Amina) Read more →
13 June 2013 7:00
A small scarf instead hijab - is it permissible to cover only one part of a head?
It is known that there is a hadith which says (approximate sense), in the time before the end of the world will be enough to observe only one-tenth part of religion to get into heaven (jannah) (because at that time will be difficult to practice religion entirely). Read more →
11 June 2013 7:49
Is it permissible to shave armpits?
My brothers and I had an argument in the office on the topic is it permissible to shave armpits. They said that it is necessary to pull out, and you can not shave. Hazrat who is right? Read more →
11 June 2013 6:45
If there is only one true religion in the world, why there are so many religions?
If there is only one true religion in the world, why there are so many religions in the world? Why God arranged so? If person was born among non-muslims and wasn’t able to find out the truth (Islam) what will happen to him in the Hereafter? Or if person was born among astray (deviant) person like Shias and wasn’t able to find out the truth? Read more →
10 June 2013 23:33
Whether is the Sufism (Taṣawwuf) lawful practice in Islam?
What can you say about such Islamic science like Sufism (Taṣawwuf)? In our republic (Dagestan) a lot of people visit the Sufi sheikhs, respect them very much and consider them to be their teachers, mentors. But others people condemn this practice, calling the followers of Sufism pagans and polytheists (Uma) Read more →
10 June 2013 7:00
If my wife accepts Islam, can we conclude Islamic marriage (Nikah)?
I am a Muslim, my wife is a christian, we married in a registry Office, and we have a child. But we didn’t conclude Nikah (Islamic marriage)... Read more →
07 June 2013 9:36
Can we trust the book “Al-Fatawa al-Hindiyyah”?
Scholars of islamic web-sites (especially scholars of Deoband school) often give answers, based on the book “Al-Fatawa al-Hindiyyah”. But recently one man said to me that it’s a doubtful book in which there are a lot of mistakes. Can you tell about this book – by whom it was written and whether it is possible to trust it? Read more →
06 June 2013 9:09
What kind of prayer (dua, dhikr) it is better to perform on Tasbih?
My mother doesn’t perform salah, but she recently bought Tasbih. Could you help, what kind of prayer (dua, dhikr) it is better to perform on it? (Maryam) Read more →
05 June 2013 6:07
Is it allowed for muslims to read the horoscope?
Is it allowed to read the horoscope (zodiac or chinese or something else)? Read more →
04 June 2013 5:35
The rights of a husband and a wife in marriage. Whether the husband can forbid his wife to visit her parents?
I want to know - is it true that in Islam a guidance of a husband  is the law for his wife, she must implicitly obey him. And may a husband forbid his wife to visit her parents? If between the husband’s guidance and parents guidance there is a contradiction (the conflict), whom of them a wife must obey? (Anonim) Read more →
03 June 2013 10:07
My life goes too well - maybe it’s a sign that Allah doesn’t love me?
It disturbs me that my life goes too well; I have wonderful parents, a good job, I’m learning, I have a lot of friends. I know that Allah often tests those people whom He loves, but in my life there are no tests. I am afraid that this may be a sign that Allah doesn’t love me. What can you say? (Ildar) Read more →
30 May 2013 7:00
Is it permissible for females to drive?
Assalaam-u-alaikum! Kindly let me know how far it is permissible for a woman to drive without a mehram inside or outside her city’s limits Read more →
29 May 2013 0:05
Can we pray (make dua) for non-Muslims?
Canwepray (makedua) fornon-Muslims? Myparentsarenon-Muslims, canIpray (makedua) forthem? CanIprayfortheirhealth or long life? (Anonim) Read more →
28 May 2013 13:18
How correct to perform Sujdah Sahw (sajdah forgetfulness)?
During perform Salah I sometimes make mistakes: for example, I forget what raka’ah I perform or I recite another surah instead of Al-Fatihah.  I’ve heard that I should perform Sujdah Sahw (sajdah forgetfulness) after Salah. Can you tell in detail – how should we perform this sajdah and in what cases? (Anonim) Read more →
27 May 2013 0:00
Some questions concerning prayer (Salah) in congregation (jama’ah)
Is it permitted to perform Qada-Salaih (missed prayer) in Jamaah? And another question related to this: Recently I with my friends missed Dhuhr-prayer, we came into masjid and perform Qada-Salah incongregation (jama’ah). But during our pray we were joined another man who decided that we perform Asr-prayer. Would be his Salah valid? (Anonim) Read more →
24 May 2013 11:42
If the already paid by the buyer item is lost in the mail, who has to incur losses, the seller or the buyer?
The person is engaged in sale of clothes on the Internet. He sends the ordered clothes by mail to buyers. If the already paid by the buyer item is lost in the mail, who has to incur losses, the seller or the buyer? Should the seller return the money to the buyer? (Anonim) Read more →
23 May 2013 11:01
Whether it is possible to write scientific works for other people?
Whether is permitted to write scientific works for students and take payment for it from them? it is very widespread service in our country. Students, who have no time to write scientific works, employ the person who writes these works for them and then they show these works to their teacher as their own works. Is it permitted? (Anonim) Read more →