13 January 2014 15:49
Why were the Quranic verses not revealed at once, but revealed in stages?
Why wasn't the Quran sent down at once like other scriptures as a complete book, but was sent down gradually over time? Read more →
08 January 2014 16:35
What duties do the jinn have?
Imam Subki was asked: "Do the Jinn have their laws? Or something that necessarily for people necessarily for them? And if they have separate duties why we do not know about them Read more →
08 January 2014 10:45
Reasons for quietus without faith
Mansur ibn Ammar (rahimahullah) said: "I had a friend whom I loved for the sake of Allah. He trusted me. He always came to see me as a good day, and in the difficult days for me. Most of the time he spent in worship, committed tahajjud namaz, and cried from fear of Allah Read more →
06 January 2014 14:15
What is the most favorable time for a morning prayer?
When does the time of morning prayer start and end? And at what time to make the morning prayer is preferred Read more →
27 December 2013 16:07
Is it permitted to be a bachelor in Islam?
As is known, Islam prohibits castration, meaning the deprivation of the ability to conduct a sexual life. Similarly, our religion forbids single life, ie deliberate weakening of sexual desire or continuous suppression of them Read more →
25 December 2013 14:07
What causes disbelief in the existence of the jinn?
Believe in the existence of the jinn is not a prerequisite of faith, which for example, is the belief in angels. However, it would be more correct to consider this issue in the context of faith in the book of the Creator Read more →
24 December 2013 12:47
Is it allowed to call own father by his name? Can a wife call her husband by his name?
I've heard that in some cultures, particularly in Tajikistan, is considered ugly when wife to contact her husband by name. Whether there is basis in Islam about it? And what can you say about the address to the father by his name Read more →
19 December 2013 16:49
When do I have a right to skip a Jamaat prayer (Collective prayer)?
Assalyamu alaikum! Cool site! I read a lot about Jamaat prayer and talked with brothers about it. Jamaat prayer has the good, du’a of angels, it almost not rejected by Allah, and has many benefits. It is waajib for the Hanbali, but for us it is Sunnah Read more →
19 December 2013 10:49
When should you say “Ta’avuz"?
Should you say “Ta’avuz”, for example, before drinking water? Or just before the reading of the Quran Read more →
12 December 2013 13:37
How many types of yemin (vows) and what are they?
There are three kinds of vows, namely: yeminlagv, yemingamus and yeminmun'akyd Read more →
11 December 2013 10:37
What are the rules of behavior in the mosque?
Faqih Abu Layth Al-Samarkandi (may Allah have mercy on him) in the book “Tanbihul Gafilin” mentioned in relation to the mosque there are 15 good actions Read more →
06 December 2013 15:49
What does Islam say about passing in front of a praying person?
We had always seen as in the mosque (usually when there is a lot of people) some pass before committing prayer and those, in turn, put forward their hands, as if to say passing that he’s wrong Read more →
06 December 2013 14:37
What will happen if you put your feet on the Quran?
A man, who puts his feet on the Qur’an and considers this action insignificant Read more →
06 December 2013 12:07
Did the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) have granddaughters?
I heard about the grandchildren of the prophet (peace be upon him), and whether he had granddaughters? (Bulat) Read more →
05 December 2013 17:24
Is it allowed to write on the walls the line from the Holy Quran?
Whether unbeliever allowed to teach the Quran, if he is interested in Islam and whether to allow him to teach the Qur’an and Fiqh Read more →
26 November 2013 15:49
Is it allowed for women to remove hair from legs?
In the book “Raddul – Mukhtar” Allama Ibn Abidin (رضي الله عنه) said Read more →
14 November 2013 16:15
How to go to sleep correctly?
Assalyamum galeykum! Everything is complete and explained in Islam. I have long wanted to know what the rules there are in Islam when Muslim go to sleep, how to do it Read more →
12 November 2013 12:15
Is it allowed to do the work and read the Quran?
Would not that be disrespect the Quran? And if a person without a small ablution, is it allowed for him to read the Quran from the mushaf Read more →
11 November 2013 12:07
Why are the two daylight prayers done silently, and the others out loud?
Assalyamum galeykum! I have often wondered why Mullah reads the Quran aloud in the morning, evening and night namaz, and the midday and late afternoon namaz read silently? In general, this kind of question often in my poor head Read more →
05 November 2013 9:37
I heard that it is not allowed to wear the clothes coming down below the ankles, is it? What do Hanafi say about it?
Abu Bakr (radyyallahu anhu) said: "One half of my clothes longer Read more →
29 October 2013 12:37
The word "Allah" where did it come from?
I really want to know how the word "Allah" was formed. Several times, I have tried to ask my friends, but someone did not know it, and someone gave a blurred, fuzzy response and unwillingly tangled me! I ask you to give me a clear definition Read more →
28 October 2013 15:06
May I believe woman’s words that she is divorced and her iddy period ended?
May I trust a women, if a woman to whom I want to marry says that her husband gave her a divorce and her iddy lasted? Read more →
21 October 2013 9:24
Are women worse than men?
History knows women like Mary, Asiya, Khadija, Fatima and Aisha, may Allah be pleased with them, indeed, these women are Read more →
07 October 2013 11:49
The fast of the Prophet Dawud
I have heard myself something about this fasting. Is there dalil about this fast? Read more →
07 October 2013 9:20
The Wisdom of Surah al-Baqarah
With regards to the same wisdom that it is, I would like to quote from the book "Itkan" Read more →
02 October 2013 9:11
Does smoking spoil ablution (Taharat)?
Hazrat, I would like to ask about smoking cigarettes, I smoke when I am nervous. Does smoking spoil ablution (Taharat)? I understand that smoking - kill myself, it is useless waste of money and time, but not all people are strong and the more smoking is my solace and a way to relax Read more →
01 October 2013 16:27
Can fakirs (poors) do Kurban?
My grandmother lives modestly and does not have much money. Can she do Eid, if she spends almost all the money on Kurban? If I give her money, whether it be Eid (valid)? Read more →
24 September 2013 11:13
How a trustee must keep the property if the owner lost it?
If the owner of the property was lost and no one knows whether he is alive, the trustee must Read more →
19 September 2013 12:37
Is it permitted after the prayer (Salah) read any verses from the Quran (dua or Zikr)?
According to the Hanafi Jurists, the rule of terming a permissible action as Bid’ah revolves around the following two elements: Read more →
29 August 2013 11:45
The opportunity to take a bath with warm water is only once a week in winter
A man living in a country where the winter is very cold, and the ability to take a full ablution in the warm conditions there is only once a week Read more →
15 August 2013 6:52
Is photography allowed in Islam?
With regard to this question, Photography as a medium of communication or for the simple, innocent retention of memories without the taint of reverence (shirk) does not fall under the category of forbidden Tasweer which means innovating the features of a person Read more →
14 August 2013 11:26
How to get rid of rudeness and irritability?
Young girl asks: I have very rough character, I am irritable and quick-tempered. I can insult even to strangers, I can’t suffer remarks and criticism, at once I start being rude. It was since my childhood, as long as I remember Read more →
13 August 2013 9:50
You have to seek knowledge from cradle to the grave
I heard a story that (can not remember where it was) Imam died during prayer. I have a question, if we read the prayers and the imam dies in prostration and in fact while he did not say "Allahu Akbar" we can not stand up, so what do we do? Read more →
09 August 2013 9:25
Is it permissible to drink non-alcoholic beer?
Sheikh Osama Ar-Rifai, Syrian Alim, after laboratory studies on alcohol content in non-alcoholic beer, said Read more →
07 August 2013 13:11
Is it allowed to chew gum during Ramadan?
A person is fasting, he has wound in the roof of the mouth. He has doubts that the liquid coming out of the wound Read more →
06 August 2013 10:11
Is it allowed Nikah between the two holidays?
Good day. My friends read the nikah before Eid al Adha! I explained to them that it is a great sin. Everyone also knows that it is impossible to read the Nikah between the two holidays. But they did not listen to me Read more →
06 August 2013 9:37
How many times did the Prophet (peace be upon him) fast in Ramadan?
Assalamualeikum! How are you? Question, tell me please, how many times did the Prophet Muhammad fast in Ramadan? (Dima, Surgut) Read more →
05 August 2013 10:44
Questions about intimate relations during Ramadan
It has been made permissible for you the night preceding fasting to go to your wives [for sexual relations]. They are clothing for you and you are clothing for them. Read more →
29 July 2013 15:45
From what age can we marry our children according to Shariah?
In the Hadith, it is encouraged that when one’s children reach the age of maturity, they should be married.  Sayyiduna Abu Sa’eed and Ibn Abbaas (Radiyallahu Anhuma) report that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said Read more →
29 July 2013 13:50
What does Islam say about hair in the nose?
Part of Islamic scholars believes that shortening (not shaving) nose hair desirable (mustahabb). Hair in the nose are a guarantee Read more →