14 September 2015 12:57
What zikr is the best in front of Allah?
As a rule, the word “zikr” (also “dhikr”) is used to mean different ways of praising and elevating Allah and making duas. Some scholars say that zikr is any kind of words or actions which turn into the reason for receiving a reward. Read more →
03 September 2015 15:58
Is this true that angels don’t enter the house if it smells onions or garlic?
Both onion and garlic are blessings from Allah that grow on the earth. Garlic and onion have been valued for their healing properties. Their taste, smell and medicinal qualities are gifts of Allah to us and we should be grateful to Allah for them. Read more →
31 March 2014 11:07
Namaz For The Sick
Person who by reason of illness is difficult to perform any actions on prayer (kiyyam, rukuu, sajda) is allowed to perform Read more →
28 March 2014 16:15
Namaz In Times Of Danger
During dangers, Imam divides jama'at into 2 groups. First group reads the first raka'at prayer with the imam, not giving Salam Read more →
27 March 2014 14:49
How To Get Rid Of Jinns And Satanic Influences?
Jumping from a height to do it with Read more →
27 March 2014 10:25
Du'a That Help Be Saved From Disaster
From the words of Aisha (raduallahu anhu) the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) during strong winds usually made ​​this prayer Read more →
26 March 2014 16:15
Should Couples Sleep Separately Or Together?
Although Islam does not set strict rules in this, the following examples from the Qur'an and Sunnah indicate that Read more →
26 March 2014 15:11
The Major Sins: The Dispute
And of the people is he whose speech pleases you in worldly life, and he calls Allah to witness as to what is in his heart, yet he is the fiercest of opponents Read more →
24 March 2014 11:12
Can A Man Take A Second Wife Without The Consent Of The First?
Assalyamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuhu! Dear Mufti, maybe I'm wrong address, but I have one question. If you are not difficult, could you answer to my question Read more →
17 March 2014 10:35
Ablution, erasing sins
The Great saint Maruf Karkhi (rahmatullah alayhi), having rolled up his sleeves, made sand cleansing (tayyammum). Anyone who saw it, asked him Read more →
19 February 2014 11:07
Can Jinnah Coerce A Person To Commit Forbidden?
To test the human race Almighty Creator has given not only Shaitan, but also his assistants to instill in people a delusion, fear, excite their imaginations Read more →
17 February 2014 16:59
Is It Allowed To Meet And To Kiss A Girl Before Nikah?
I recently care about a few issues. I recently read that it is not allowed to meet with the girls, so the question is: What is meant by the meeting? Is it allowed to kiss before Nikah? (Radik) Read more →
17 February 2014 15:07
Why Do People Have Tumultuous Dreams?
According to Abu Hurayrah (R.A.) the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "There are 3 types of dreams Read more →
17 February 2014 10:07
Where Is That Laughing?
Once Hasan Basri (rahimahullah) met a young man who laughed loudly. He said to him Read more →
14 February 2014 15:35
Do Animals See The Jinn?
According to Abu Hurayrah (R.A.), the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "When you hear a rooster crowing Read more →
13 February 2014 16:07
We Belong To Allah And To Him We Will Return
During our life we are constantly experiencing various problems and fail, often searching for causes of the incident are not in themselves, but in reality, despite the fact, whether we like it or not Read more →
12 February 2014 12:25
The Best Of People Is The One...
Once three wise men attended at the meeting of Nushirevan. During the conversation, they were talking about what is the worst thing Read more →
11 February 2014 16:07
Allah Almighty Is With You Wherever You Are
If a person is doing something shameful or sinful, will know that it is seen by other people, he'll never do it like that Read more →
11 February 2014 12:15
What Is The Biggest Jihad For A Muslim?
One man wrote a letter to the famous Sufi Yusuf Ibn Asbat, in which he asked: "My soul makes me go to war. What can you say about it Read more →
10 February 2014 11:49
The Hadith About Seventy-Three Directions
There is a famous hadith that Muslim Ummah will split into seventy-three directions, and they will all be in Hell , except one, it is Ahlu-Sunnah Wal Jama'a Read more →
10 February 2014 10:15
Knowledge, Modesty And Mind
When Almighty Allah created Adam (alayhi salaam), Jibrael (alayhi salaam) came to Adam with three gifts. Gifts that brought Jibrael were: knowledge, modesty and intelligence. Dzhibrail (alayhi salaam) said to Adam (alayhi salaam) Read more →
07 February 2014 16:07
Can Human Life Be Extended Or Shortened?
Can human life be extended or shortened? Is it true, if you frequently visit relatives and give sadaqah human life is extended Read more →
07 February 2014 12:25
Fatwa About The Worship In Places Where Sin Is Committed
If a person says the word that becomes the cause of Ajra (awards) as a tasbeeh, tahmid, reading the Quran, reading the hadith and fiqh in the majlis fisc Read more →
05 February 2014 10:45
Age Of The Messenger Of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him)
Anas ibn Malik (radyyallahu anhu) said: "The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was neither high nor low, nor Read more →
04 February 2014 17:35
Enmity, which came with a wealth
Once Zulkarnayn met people who completely withdrew from the world, ate plants, digging graves for their dead before the doors of houses and devoted themselves entirely to worship Read more →
04 February 2014 12:15
Can the Jinn Contract A Marriage?
Ibni Hajar Al Hataymi said: "The fact that the jinn have a need for the conclusion of a marriage between sex and procreation shows verse of the Holy Quran Read more →
03 February 2014 10:49
Treat your guests!
Allah Almighty said Ibrahim (alayhi salaam) in the revelation: "Treat your guests!" After that Ibrahim became fry lamb for each coming to visit him. Allah Almighty has repeatedly said: "Treat your guests! Read more →
31 January 2014 17:47
Love for children and life partner
Children are a gift of the Merciful Creator. They should be seen as amanat - what is entrusted to you in temporary storage, you need to protect them, treat them with wisdom and gentleness Read more →
31 January 2014 12:25
Whether the Jinn Disturb a Praying Person And Whether They Steal Knowledge In Heaven?
As reported by Aisha (R.A.) The Prophet (peace be upon him) said Read more →
31 January 2014 10:49
Why Allah created people different in appearance and character?
Separation of people based on skin color and different types of characters indicates the boundless wisdom and power of the Most High Creator Read more →
28 January 2014 10:49
Places For Memorization Of the Quran In the Early Years Of the Hijra
After the death of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), the number of people wishing to learn the Quran has dramatically increased. Once when Abu Musa al-Ash'ari (R.A.) was vali of Basra Read more →
27 January 2014 17:07
Are there any special knowledges to command the jinn?
People, who have studied this science, believe that they can dominate a certain circle of the jinn and using them to treat different diseases Read more →
27 January 2014 10:45
One Gossip - Three Crimes
You came to see me, and committed three crimes: 1) You became the reason that I started to dislike my Muslim brother. 2) You found the lesson for my free heart (before I did not think anything about brother Read more →
27 January 2014 9:49
Is Oral Sex A Taboo?
One friend asked me about oral sex, whether it is allowed in Islam? Thank you for your answer to this piquant question. (Mustafa, Moscow) Read more →
24 January 2014 17:27
Why Can't We See The Soul?
Allah the Almighty and Wise, created everything in this world is beautiful, by assigning to each thing its divine meaning. The soul of man occupies a special place among His creations Read more →
23 January 2014 17:27
Where Are The Jinn Most Likely To Be?
According to Zaid ibn Arqam (R.A) the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said Read more →
23 January 2014 11:15
How Did The Messanger Of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) Read The Quran?
Yahya ibn Mamlak (radyyallahu anhu) said: "I ​​asked the Ummah Salam about how the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon) read the Quran. It replied that his reading was clear and intelligible Read more →
22 January 2014 10:49
Why God Created Our World?
If we take our world in the context of follow-up after judgment day life, we can say that it was created for believers as a Mercy and bounty of God, for the infidels same is the path to the eternal torments Read more →
20 January 2014 12:27
What drinks did the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) drink?
The drink most liked by the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was that which was sweet and cold Read more →
16 January 2014 12:27
What is "Night of the jinn"?
According to legend, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was commanded to summon the jinn to the truth, Allah Almighty sent a group of jinn to him. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) addressing to the Sahaba, said Read more →